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  • 212-678-2293 (phone & fax)

Agent: Shari Hoffman 212-523-6900

Voice Range: Middle Age

Accents: American English, British English, American South, New York

Genres: Children's, Comedy, Drama, Mystery/Suspense, Sci-Fi/Fantasy,

Awards: AudioFile Earphones, Audies

APA Member

1 Audie Award, 4 Audie nominations including for Best Solo Male Narrator of2003, 12 Earphones. Over 150 audiobooks including thrillers, romances,sci-fi, and inspirational novels. An AudioFile "Voice of the Last Century"and more recently a "Rising and Shining Star." Noted for "his sharp, witty,no-nonsense delivery of dialogue and narrative" while capturing "theworld-weary cop and the sultry vixen."

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