Who, What? More about the Blog

Who, What? More about the Blog

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Robin’s Roundup

Robin's Roundup iconAs editor and founder of AudioFile magazine, Robin Whitten comes across a LOT of audiobooks. She started AudioFile 25 years ago and was an avid listener even before that—so she knows the world of audiobooks!

Robin F. Whitten, Editor/FounderEvery week in “Robin’s Roundup,” she recommends fresh titles that have caught her ear—the quirky, the trendy, and the most interesting new audiobooks of the week. Look for her posts each Friday on the blog to get your weekend listening picks!


Behind the Mic

Behind the Mic iconIt’s no secret that behind every great audiobook, there’s a fabulous narrator. AudioFile’s editors take you behind the scenes and into the homes—and recording booths—of some of our favorite narrators to hear their takes on the audiobooks they’re recording. Find new narrator videos each Saturday, and discover your next great listen!


Solve: Mystery Favorites

Solve: Mystery FavoritesIf you’re a fan of mystery and suspense audiobooks, then your first stop should be our “Solve” column here on the blog. Ellen Quint is an audiobook reviewer, mystery writer, and Audies judge and is currently the program chair of Sisters in Crime-NY.

Ellen Quint on the Brooklyn BridgeEllen brings a love of mysteries and a deep knowledge of the genre to her writing for AudioFile. Her own crime short stories can be found in FAMILY MATTERS: A Mystery Anthology (Crossing the Line), and WHERE CRIME NEVER SLEEPS: Murder New York Style vol. 4 (Taking the Brooklyn Bridge Back). Uncover new “Solve” posts every Monday here on the blog.


Tease: Romance Favorites

Tease iconCaitlin Augusta is a librarian from Connecticut, and she’s been reviewing audiobooks for AudioFile since 2006. She’s also been a judge for the Audie Awards since 2009. She is a longtime Jane Austen fan and romance reader who loves the variety of memorable characters, talented narrators, and happy endings found in romance audio.

Caitlin AugustaCaitlin’s “Tease” column is your blog destination for all things romance—she features the latest hot picks for listeners who love romance audiobooks. Find new “Tease” posts here on the blog every other Tuesday, and never miss a happily-ever-after.


Aurelia’s Audio Adventures

Aurelia's Audio Adventures iconAs a contributing editor at AudioFile, Aurelia Scott has reviewed many, many audiobooks over the years—and interviewed many authors and narrators about their audiobook projects. She’s an author herself and a devoted listener with wide-ranging literary tastes whose “Audio Adventures” take her places both near and far.

Aurelia ScottAurelia’s column will introduce you to your next wonderfully immersive listen—perhaps something a bit off the beaten path. Find her posts every other Thursday here on the blog. She can also be found at her website.


Take 5 with Candace

Take 5 With CandaceCandace Levy is a longtime AudioFile reviewer, avid audiobook listener, and an independent blogger who won Audiobook Blogger of the Year from the Audio Publishers Association in 2016.

Candace LevyIn her Take 5 column, she shares Q&As with narrators and quick takes on trends she’s spotting in the audiobook world. Make a cup of tea and Take 5 with a new post from Candace every other Wednesday.


Audiobooks & Literacy

Audiobooks and Literacy iconFrancisca Goldsmith has worked with audiobooks and listeners for the past 20 years in many roles in public, school, and academic libraries in the U.S. and Canada. Francisca’s “Audiobooks and Literacy” column highlights the important ways we can learn and expand our listening horizons through audiobooks for all ages.

Francisca GoldsmithCheck in with her column to learn more about the benefits of audiobook listening, and come away with great recommendations to add to your list. Her new “In Our Time” column is a great resource for timely audiobooks that can help enhance our understanding of current events.


Self: Choices for Mind, Body, and Soul

Self: Choices for Mind, Body, and SoulTom Walken has spent most of his professional life in clinical psychology, and reviewing Personal Growth audiobooks for more than two decades has exposed him to some great thinkers and helped him become more effective in his work.

Tom WalkenHe has found that listening helps him grow personally, look at himself with calmer eyes, and connect with others with a kinder heart. Tom’s “Self” column highlights notable audiobooks to help guide you through your life toward clarity and happiness.


The Download

The DownloadEditor Robin Whitten and Josephine Reed have teamed up for a new AudioFile venture, “The Download.” Visit this page to listen to conversations between authors and narrators on their latest collaborations, deep dives into favorite series and recommended listening, and insights into the fascinating world of audiobooks.

Jo ReedJo Reed is a compulsive listener of audiobooks. She was the program director of the book and theater channel on XM Satellite Radio where she created, produced, and hosted This is Audible and Writers on Writing. She also created, produced, and hosted the literary show On the Margin for WPFW, where it ran for 18 years.


Emily Connelly

Emily ConnellyA former wildlife biologist, an avid reader, and parent to two book-loving kids, Assistant Editor Emily Connelly is excited to be jumping into the world of literature and happy to be working with AudioFile’s wonderful team of reviewers. She works behind the scenes to help keep AudioFile’s blog running and is currently working towards a MLIS.



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