Aurelia’s Audio Adventures: Humor Is the Best Medicine

When the going gets tough, get laughing with some well-chosen audiobooks

A Spot Of Bother

The summer before my mother died, I repainted our front porch. Neither she nor I wanted me in constant attendance. So, in between visits to her bedside, I scraped, painted, and laughed hysterically to Mark Haddon’s A SPOT OF BOTHER, given an Earphones Award-winning performance by Simon Vance. This startled passersby, but given the chance to blend my weeping with tears of laughter, I didn’t care about the spectacle I was making. The audiobook is nominally about an estranged English family arranging for a wedding. For Haddon, whose THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME found humor and profundity in a character’s coping with Asperger’s Syndrome, a family wedding (like a family death) gives rise to just about every behavior, some of it bizarre, much of it transcendent. And in my hour of need, it was transformative.

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Aurelia’s Audio Adventures: Armchair Travel

Audiobooks to help you get away without leaving home

Star Side of Bird HillSummer travel season is here, and I’d love to hare off to an unfamiliar clime. In previous years, I’ve watched zebras on the Masai Mara and scraped my knees on a shortish Swiss Alp. But I don’t always have the ready cash for such trips, and in truth, I’m not always up for the dissonance and discomfort of travel. That’s where audiobooks come in. Not travel books, but novels set in foreign lands. I call them far-flung travel for the adventure-hesitant. They encourage me to appreciate other lands and other peoples, all while sleeping in my own bed.

My two trips to the Caribbean left me sunburnt, broke, and tired of the other tourists. Then I fell in love with Barbados in THE STAR SIDE OF BIRD HILL, a coming-of-age story by Naomi Jackson, evocatively performed by Robin Miles. This wasn’t the manicured resort island, but a real place rich with people I’d never have met lounging by a pool, including two Brooklyn-born Barbadian girls who took me along on their voyage of self-discovery. Read more…

Author and audiobook fanatic, Aurelia often falls asleep at night with earbuds still attached. She can also be found at

Aurelia’s Audio Adventures: Aurelia Says Hi!

Meet our new blog contributor, Aurelia C. Scott

Aurelia ScottOver the years as a Contributing Editor for AudioFile Magazine, I have heard and reviewed about a gazillion audiobooks and interviewed fewer, but still many, authors and narrators. I’ve enjoyed it all, including the constant agony of writing a brief, thorough, informative, and fair review about each listening experience, and such challenges as questioning author/narrator Scott Simon as he collected his kids from school and interviewing two narrator couples simultaneously on Skype video (Kate Reading/Michael Kramer and Marguerite Gavin/Lloyd James – it worked fabulously).

So, now I’m ready to blog. The topic will, of course, be audiobooks and listening recommendations. Other than that, I’ve set myself no subject limitations except that I will have heard the book, the author, or the narrator before. And that I have something to say. Which I will. Actually, my husband hopes that by blogging about audiobooks I might actually spend less time talking about them.

When I’m not writing for AudioFile, I write essays, articles, and books (one published, two in progress); knit inexpertly; and volunteer as a gardener and a trail-builder. You can find my writing at my website. And you can find me at this spot twice a month, beginning next week. Upcoming topics include armchair travel, time-travel (I must really want to get away), and listening to a funny audiobook to get you through the tough times.

Author and audiobook fanatic, Aurelia often falls asleep at night with earbuds still attached. She can also be found at

Self: Writers on Writing for Writers

What do Colum McCann, Anne Lamott, Stephen King, and Natalie Goldberg have in common? Fabulous books on writing!

If you’ve been aching to write a novel, poem, memoir, or perhaps a thriller about killing off your least favorite relative – aren’t we all? – now’s a good time to rush out for the newest book by Colum McCann, author of LET THE GREAT WORLD SPIN. His LETTERS TO A YOUNG WRITER is full of lovely advice to readers and writers of all ages and ambitions, and it’s read by the master himself. His narration lends a personable voice to his warm words of advice for budding writers, and he reads and writes with humility, charm, and earnest good intention.

Letters to a Young Writer

LETTERS TO A YOUNG WRITER: Some Practical and Philosophical Advice
By Colum McCann, Read by Colum McCann
Random House Audio

While we’re on the topic of writers who’ve written about writing, the eighty percent of Americans who’d love to publish something – anything! – have even more listening possibilities. McCann is one of many authors who’ve offered pithy advice, and better yet, narrated the resulting audiobook. Here are a few of our favorites.

ON WRITING: A Memoir of the Craft
By Stephen King, Read by Stephen King
Simon & Schuster Audio
With this indispensable book, the king of bestsellers intended to put down his thoughts on writing. After explaining what’s important (including good grammar), the celebrated author says to get down to the business – as he has for the last forty-odd years.

By Natalie Goldberg, Read by Natalie Goldberg
Sounds True
From the first moments of this classic work on writing and life, listeners know they are hearing something wonderful. Everything is read in what Goldberg calls her “New York Jewish voice” and is suffused with her quirky, delightful sense of humor. Learn more about Goldberg’s experience recording WRITING DOWN THE BONES in our interview with her!
And we don’t want to forget the audio program of one of Natalie’s workshops, THE ART OF WRITING MEMOIR.

By Anne Lamott, Read by Anne Lamott
Writer’s AudioShop
If you’re a writer, you need this audiobook. The sound of Lamott’s voice will cheer you on in your darkest hours. As our reviewer put it, “she’s the real thing–a successful writer–and she shares invaluable nuggets of wisdom about writing and the writing life.”

Looking to sample some of the best writing these authors have to offer? Come to our site for more reviews of titles by McCann, King, Goldberg, and Lamott!

Author and audiobook fanatic, Aurelia often falls asleep at night with earbuds still attached. She can also be found at