Behind the Mic: Becoming Bonnie

Icons of American crime lore—Bonnie and Clyde

AudioFile goes Behind the Mic to talk with Susan Bennett  to hear her insights on narrating BECOMING BONNIE. On the 50th anniversary of Arthur Penn’s iconic 1967 film BONNIE AND CLYDE, listeners can explore this fictional account of young Bonnie and Clyde in 1920s Texas.

“I had never given much thought to the stories of Bonnie and Clyde before they became who we now know in our American crime lore.”—Narrator Susan Bennett

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Behind the Mic: The Yid

History and invention in the last days of Stalinist Russia—and this audiobook is funny, really.

AudioFile went Behind the Mic to hear from Peter Berkrot about narrating THE YID, written by Paul Goldberg. Peter tells us that as he prepared for the narration, it brought back memories of his own family.

“It took me back to memories of my childhood, growing up and listening to my grandparents, and great aunts and uncles speaking Yiddish and laughing.”—Narrator Peter Berkrot

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Behind the Mic: The Stone Sky

Robin Miles on the dramatic conclusion to N.K. Jemisin’s award-winning fantasy

AudioFile goes Behind the Mic to learn about Robin Miles’s narration of the final novel in the Broken Earth trilogy, THE STONE SKY. Robin has narrated all three audiobooks in the series, and she brings listeners into a world of violent seismic upheaval.

“THE STONE SKY brought everything together at the end . . . the trilogy is a geologic wonder in literary form.”—Narrator Robin Miles

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Behind the Mic: The Destroyers

Graham Halstead shares the secrets behind Christopher Bollen’s latest audiobook

Listen in as narrator Graham Halstead goes Behind the Mic with AudioFile to fill us in on THE DESTROYERS, Christopher Bollen’s thoroughly engrossing literary thriller set in the Greek Isles. What’s your next move in this dangerous game?

“You have no idea what’s around the next turn . . . “—Narrator Graham Halstead

The Destroyers

by Christopher Bollen, read by Graham Halstead
Harper Audio/Blackstone Audio
AudioFile Earphones Award

Graham Halstead embodies the voice of the main character, Ian Bledsoe, who is down and out in Greece after the death of his father. He is looking for help from his old friend, Charlie, who seems to have it all. The mystery and intrigue mounts when Charlie disappears and Ian discovers there is more to his old friend than he thought. Graham handles the expanding cast of international characters subtly and effectively, and his narration adds depth to this atmospheric and intense thriller. Listen to a sound clip and read AudioFile’s full review here.

Graham Halstead

Read more about Graham and his dedicated research to the art of narration in our interview with him on our website.

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Behind the Mic: Agatha Christie’s The Secret Adversary

Revisit a beloved classic mystery in honor of Agatha Christie’s birthday!

Today AudioFile is going Behind the Mic with Alison Larkin to learn about her narration of a beloved classic mystery from Agatha Christie in honor of Agatha Christie’s birthday. Fans may know this is a special event each year—even though Christie would be 127! Mystery fans and listeners still relish hearing mysteries from this golden age. British narrator Alison Larkin gives us a lovely introduction to two Christie audiobooks, THE SECRET ADVERSARY, a Tommy & Tuppence mystery that she narrates, and THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES, the very first Hercule Poirot story, narrated by James Warwick.

“A lovely double-bill, wonderful if you are a Christie fan.”—Narrator Alison Larkin

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Behind the Mic: The Scribe of Siena

Let Cassandra Campbell transport you to medieval Siena and indulge in the Italian atmosphere and romance

For anyone who loves a historical setting or is infatuated with Italy, listen to how narrator Cassandra Campbell describes THE SCRIBE OF SIENA by Melodie Winawer. Once more we’re Behind the Mic to hear the narrator point of view about a recent performance. Cassandra easily convinced me with her lovely Italian accent that this audiobook will be a vacation delight—and that’s right where I’m taking it!

“We are transported back to medieval Siena in a vivid way . . . the darkness, the tight, narrow streets . . . and wonderful Italian romance.”—Narrator Cassandra Campbell

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Robin is the Founder & Editor of AudioFile Magazine. The AudioFile Blog is her newest project to offer new voices and recommendations for audiobooks.

Behind the Mic: The Reason You’re Alive

Matthew Quick offers a brash, opinionated character, and R.C. Bray gives listeners a remarkable performance

AudioFile is Behind the Mic again with narrator R.C. Bray as he gives us some motivation to listen to  THE REASON YOU’RE ALIVE  by Matthew Quick. Think Jack Nicholson in “As Good As it Gets” . . . what does he mean? That’s worth checking out!

 “It’s hysterical, honest, blunt, heart-wrenching, endearing . . . a roller coaster ride of all the emotions.”—Narrator R.C. Bray

The Reason You're Alive

by Matthew Quick
read by R.C. Bray

Harper Audio/Blackstone Audio
AudioFile Earphones Award

Narrator R.C. Bray brings us David Granger, a Vietnam combat veteran coping with past and present demons. Granger isn’t subtle; he’s direct, brash, and opinionated. Bray understands this character, and his performance is simply remarkable. Listen to a sound clip and read AudioFile’s full review here.

For more audiobooks by R.C. Bray, check out his celebrated performance of THE MARTIAN or find great fantasy & sci-fi titles in his complete audiography.

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Tease: Behind the Mic with Renée Raudman

Get the inside scoop on the Hidden Legacy series from romance team Ilona Andrews

Hot off bestseller lists and fan raves, Ilona Andrews’s Hidden Legacy series is a *must listen* experience, and WILDFIRE is the latest addition to this fiery series. AudioFile goes Behind the Mic with narrator Renée Raudman as she shares her thoughts on creating this magical audiobook experience.

“They’re known for their amazing characters and the rich world building that they create… their worlds are so real, and you feel like you are in them in that book, you just live through it.”—Narrator Renée Raudman

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Caitlin is a librarian from Connecticut who enjoys great narrators and happy endings. She has been reviewing audiobooks for Audiofile Magazine since 2006, and she has had the privilege of judging numerous Audie Award categories since 2009. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and whatever she's listening to right now!

Behind the Mic: Dragon Teeth

What a combination—the Wild West & dinosaurs! Scott Brick loved narrating Michael Crichton’s re-discovered audiobook

AudioFile goes Behind the Mic with Golden Voice narrator Scott Brick to hear his excitement for recording  DRAGON TEETH, by Michael Crichton. Scott knows Crichton’s dinosaur territory from his recordings of JURASSIC PARK and THE LOST WORLD. The setting of the Wild West and the golden age of fossil hunting adds to the fun.

“It’s a rollicking good time, and I think in many ways it’s the book he always wanted to write.”—Narrator Scott Brick

Dragon Teeth

by Michael Crichton, read by Scott Brick
Harper Audio

The dawn of paleontology and rival scientists set a great stage for Crichton’s adventure. The book was recently discovered in the estate of this blockbuster author, and with Scott Brick at the helm of the audiobook, listeners get an exciting ride. There’s plenty to learn from Crichton’s meticulous research, and Scott’s narration clearly shows why he’s a narrator at the top of his game. Listen to a sound clip, and read AudioFile’s full review here.

Explore more of Scott Brick’s audiobooks in his colossal audiography!

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Behind the Mic: The Great Passage

However you look up the definition of words, this audiobook on the creation of a dictionary will fascinate listeners

AudioFile Magazine goes Behind the Mic with Brian Nishii to hear more about his narration of THE GREAT PASSAGE  by Shion Miura. Brian gives a delightful entrée to listeners to delve into this Japanese story of the creation of a dictionary.  Did you ever stop to think about what goes into the making of a dictionary?

“How do you decide what words make it into the dictionary and what words don’t? What words are relevant? What words are changing?”—Narrator Brian Nishii

The Great Passage

by Shion Miura, Juliet Winters Carpenter [Trans.],
read by Brian Nishii
Brilliance Audio
AudioFile Earphones Award

Brian was born and raised in Tokyo and grew up in a fully bilingual environment. He’s a perfect choice for this audiobook as his facility with Japanese names and words keeps listeners from getting hung up on unfamiliar phrases or word choices. We can really get the Japanese spirit of the work and of the Japanese business environment. Come on, word-lovers, this one’s for you! Listen to a sound clip, and read AudioFile’s full review here.

THE GREAT PASSAGE garners Brian’s first Earphones Award, but listeners can explore Brian’s other audiobooks, including a YA title that chronicles samurai warrior Minamoto Yoshitsune in SAMURAI RISING.


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