5 Questions with Narrator Susan Ericksen

5 Questions with Susan Ericksen

5 Questions with Susan Ericksen

Today’s guest narrator is the voice of two of my favorite mystery series, both of which I highlight today. Though Susan Ericksen is a beloved narrator of mystery and suspense, her audiobook repertoire is, in fact, wide ranging and includes romance, history, personal essays, biography, classics, literary fiction, and fantasy.

Along with thousands of other listeners around the world, I’m impressed with Susan’s ability to smoothly transition between fictional plot lines, carrying us, for example, from the steamy bedroom of a couple in love to a gritty crime scene without a hitch. When performing nonfiction audiobooks, Susan delivers that perfect level of expressiveness: one that keeps us engaged but doesn’t distract from the voice of the author, whether we’re listening to memoir, history, or current affairs.

The following audiobooks (and series) exemplify Susan’s array of talents and why we listening fans have stayed true to her through series and across genres. Read more…

Candace Levy
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