5 Audiobooks for Library Card Sign-Up Month

5 Audiobooks for library card sign up month

5 Audiobooks for library card sign up month

In these days of home-based and virtual schooling and weekends staying at home, we rely more and more on the resources offered by our local libraries. Besides free access to audiobooks and ebooks, most libraries also provide language courses, movies, and even digital newspapers and magazines. Many libraries offer curbside pickup for non-digitized materials, including puzzles and games.

September is officially Library Card Sign-Up month, and if you don’t already have a card, now’s the perfect time to get one. Librarians will help you find your next audiobook (and will explain the entire process, from downloading to listening) and can also suggest resources for homeschooling and for lifelong learning.

Today’s recommended audiobooks celebrate public libraries through novels and true stories. Take a moment to discover all the programs and materials offered by your local library, sign up for a free card if you don’t already have one, and then queue up one of the following audiobooks. Read more…

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Behind the Mic: Say You’re Sorry

This audiobook will freak you the heck out — perfect for your Halloween weekend!

Say You're Sorry

Narrator Cris Dukehart takes us Behind the Mic to share with AudioFile readers how narrating for Melinda Leigh has changed her life. SAY YOU’RE SORRY is the first in a suspenseful series about former prosecutor Morgan Dane and her peaceful life in her hometown — well, almost peaceful, until her babysitter gets killed.

“To Melinda Leigh . . . . Just wanted you to know how narrating from your killer’s point of view is FREAKING ME THE HECK OUT!”—Narrator Cris Dukehart

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