Justices: Audiobook Profiles of the Supreme Court

Robin’s Roundup for October 5

Supreme Court Profiles

With all eyes and ears on the topic of the Supreme Court this week, I thought it would be interesting to see what audiobooks are out there by and about Supreme Court justices. Among the new audiobooks we reviewed this week is a children’s version of Justice Sotomayor’s memoir, THE BELOVED WORLD OF SONIA SOTOMAYOR—the original work, MY BELOVED WORLD, was read by Rita Moreno, who received deserved attention for her audio performance. The new family version has the added inclusion of a prologue read by Sotomayor herself. Read more…

Robin Whitten
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Solve: The Elvis Cole series

Robert Crais got Jen hooked on a life of crime (fiction)

The Watchman

Many people have heard me credit Robert Crais with hooking me on crime fiction. The Elvis Cole series was, in fact, my first serious foray into the genre. I picked up THE WATCHMAN at the bookstore and realized it was part of a series. Instead of getting that title, I grabbed THE MONKEY’S RAINCOAT and binged my way straight through the whole series and the three standalones that were available.

The WatchmanAppropriately, those who go a little nutty for Crais’s work are called the “Craisies,” and I’ve made many lifelong friends through a shared love of Elvis, Joe, and the gang. These people are extremely passionate about the series, so they are very upfront about their feelings on everything from book covers to characters to, yes, audiobook narrators.

Unlike some other series that have had long-running narrators who read most, if not all, of the series—Dick Hill for Jack Reacher, George Guidall for Walt Longmire, Will Patton for Dave Robicheaux, Lorelei King for Stephanie Plum—the Elvis Cole series has had a variety of narrators, including Crais himself (THE FIRST RULE). This lends itself to a lot of heated discussion between die-hard fans. Read more…

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