Rescue Me! 5 Romance Audiobooks with Chases, Escapes, and Swoon-Worthy Rescues

With favorites from Alyssa Cole, Linda Howard, and Selena Montgomery

An Unconditional Freedom

An Unconditional FreedomRescue (verb): To free from confinement, danger, or evil (Merriam Webster). Some of my favorite romances ever involve a good old-fashioned rescue, and these days I’m an equal opportunity rescue junkie, savoring moments of deus ex machina involving characters of any gender. So here are five recent romances featuring memorable chases, escapes, and even verbal disentanglements for your listening pleasure.

Karen Chilton will knock you on your heels with her reading of Alyssa Cole’s Civil War adventures in AN UNCONDITIONAL FREEDOMIn this third installment of her spy series The Loyal League, Cole explores the psychology of slavery and the bravery of Northern spies through the intrepid adventures of Daniel Cumberland and Janeta Sanchez, agents on opposite sides of the war. Chilton’s narration maneuvers through Daniel’s anger and despair as well as Janeta’s increasing doubts about her loyalties. And she handles southern accents and Spanish phrases with ease.  Read more…

Caitlin is a librarian from Connecticut who enjoys great narrators and happy endings. She has been reviewing audiobooks for Audiofile Magazine since 2006, and she has had the privilege of judging numerous Audie Award categories since 2009. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and whatever she's listening to right now!

To my Valentine: Instead of chocolates, how about a romantic suspense audio?

Discover perfect Valentine’s Day listening

Stacey Abrams
Stacey Abrams
Stacey Abrams, who writes as Selena Montgomery

True confession: Romantic suspense is not my usual go-to genre. But Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, so I figure it’s time to get in the mood. While the “suspense” parts of romantic suspense titles can run the gamut from spy thrillers to amateur detective work and everything in between, the focus remains on the relationships and the interior emotional landscapes of the characters. There has to be the right balance of potential love and lust with danger, tension, and threats to the main players.


My favorite so far in this venture into the genre comes from an unusual source—Stacey Abrams. Yes, the same Stacey Abrams who ran for Governor of Georgia and who provided the Democratic response to President Trump’s State of the Union address. In so doing, she became the first black woman and the first non-sitting public official to deliver the rebuttal. She’s a busy woman, because in addition to all that, she’s written eight novels under the nom de plume of Selena Montgomery. RECKLESS features a smart, strong black female lawyer. Narrated by Simone Daye, the characters and their stories come alive, and the balance between romance and suspense seems just right. Read more…

Ellen Quint
A mystery writer, audiobook reviewer and Audies judge. Ellen is currently the program chair of Sisters in Crime-NY and has published two crime short stories: Crossing the Line (Family Matters); Taking the Brooklyn Bridge Back (Where Crime Never Sleeps).