Narrator Frankie Corzo on Mexican Gothic

Frankie Corzo

Narrator Frankie Corzo takes listeners behind the scenes of MEXICAN GOTHIC, Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s newest horror audiobook. Set in the 1950s, it’s a story that transports listeners into the Mexican countryside, to a manor that quickly goes from unsettling to downright terrifying. Hear more from Frankie in her narrator video below.

“It contains all those classic gothic horror novel elements . . . but is also unapologetically Mexican and Latinx.”—Narrator Frankie Corzo

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5 Audiobooks by Canadian Authors

5 Audiobooks by Canadian Authors

5 Audiobooks by Canadian Authors

Happy Canada Day! I hope your celebrations include time to relax, cook out, and see some fireworks. While your festivities will likely be tempered by current health concerns, I’m sure you’ll find ways to make the day special.

If you’re not familiar with this Canadian holiday, here’s the short take. Canada Day (or Dominion Day, as it used to be called) commemorates the day the Constitution Act of 1867 went into effect. Though Canada was still technically a British colony, the act united the provinces of what was then Canada (now Ontario and Quebec) with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick into a single dominion under the name of Canada.

Here at AudioFile Magazine we’re celebrating by featuring five recent audiobooks by Canadian authors. Get to know the some of the diverse voices of Canada by queuing up these recommended titles. Read more…

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