Author Daniel José Older on the Power of Writing and the Spoken Word

Talking with Daniel José Older

Talking with Daniel José Older

We were thrilled to feature this interview with Daniel José Older in our February/March 2020 issue of AudioFile Magazine. AudioFile contributor Jessie Grearson spoke with Older about his writing and his audiobooks, including his latest book for adult listeners, THE BOOK OF LOST SAINTS, and the conclusion to his bestselling teen fantasy series. Read the full interview below.

NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Daniel José Older always knew he wanted to tell stories—it just took a while to settle on a medium. “For a good period, I was more involved with music, but with a focus on storytelling. Even when I was mostly doing music, I was still always writing. I was all over the map. I did screenplays, poems, articles. But I wasn’t getting any traction; I didn’t know how to publish.”

The idea of writing a novel was “partially inspired by just not wanting to deal with wrangling musicians to rehearsals all the time. I found myself deeply attracted to the idea of being able to sit and work on something by myself, to finish it myself, on my own time—and not dealing with anyone else. So that’s what I did. And it worked!” Read more…

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