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Martha Woodroof, Read by Lorelei King

After two new people join an insular and predictable college community, Shakespeare scholar Tom Putnam is surprised to discover it's never too late to get a second chance at happiness. Narrator Lorele..

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Macmillan Audio



Emily St. John Mandel, Read by Kirsten Potter

In this haunting production, 80 percent of the world's population has been wiped out by a global pandemic. But that still leaves plenty of surviving characters to be brought to life by the versatile K...

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Random House Audio

Science Fiction


Ian Fleming, Read by Kenneth Branagh

Most people don't think of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels as great literature, but that's exactly how Kenneth Branagh, one of our finest actors, narrates this one. His performance is notable for expl...

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Blackstone Audiobooks

Mystery & Suspense


Malcolm Brooks, Read by Julia Whelan

Julia Whelan narrates this modern-day Western with panache and strength. She finds unique voices for its young heroine, Catherine Lemay, an archaeologist; her two assistants, Jack Allen and 17-year-ol...

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Blackstone Audiobooks



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