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Tavia Gilbert

Tavia Gilbert, an acting student in college, was preparing for a long drive from Seattle to Idaho when she experienced a life-changing event. Though she came from a family in which reading aloud was important (“my father read books to us at the dinner table; I’d read to my mother for years”), she’d never actually listened to an audiobook before. She chose a Joanna Trollope book narrated by Davina Porter. “Davina Porter!” she says reverently. “She’s one of the best narrators on the planet. I remember my eyes filling with tears--I remember thinking: I love that. I want to do that.”

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Dion Graham

Celebrated narrator and actor Dion Graham has just been named an AudioFile Golden Voice and Booklist's "Voice of Choice," and this comes as no surprise: He's known in the audio world for his outstanding performances and uniform excellence across genres. Whether interpreting biography or memoir, educating and entertaining younger listeners, or bringing to life what he calls his African-themed works, Graham's range and talent as a narrator have netted him consistently superlative praise, including four Audie Awards, scores of AudioFile Earphones Awards, and numerous other "Best of" accolades.

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Edward Herrmann

Golden Voice Edward Herrmann’s voice is so compelling and engaging, so familiar and so attuned to the text, that the narrative, whatever it may be, flows smoothly. He is, simply, one of our best narrators, and he brings biographies and histories to vivid life. In ENDURING COURAGE, his sustaining voice maintains the tension of the action while giving weight and purpose to the rich technical and historical background Ross fills in along the way. Early auto racing driver and WWI flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker was a genuine American hero, a rough, uneducated youth whose legendary grit, mechanical ingenuity, and fighting spirit exemplified “the right stuff” before it had its name. And he makes the young adult adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s UNBROKEN a joy for the ears.

We are saddened that Edward Herrmann passed away in December 2014.

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Derek Perkins

Derek Perkins didn’t find his way to narrating through the usual channels--the last time he had done any acting was in high school. As he told us from his home in Massachusetts, “I got laid off from a job in 2007, and I began to go through a process of trying to work out what, for my next job/career, what I really, really wanted to do. I took some public speaking lessons, I joined Toastmasters--and I did this because I realized what fundamentally are some of my greatest passions, and I think some of my abilities are linked to that, around words, language, performance. I’ve always been a very passionate reader and loved learning.”

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