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Ralph Cosham

Ralph Cosham

Distinguished narrator Ralph Cosham, who recently won an Audie Award for his narration of Louise Penny’s THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY, says he vividly recalls encountering the author’s work for the first time. “I read the first few pages of Still Life, and said to my wife, ‘This is something really special.’ I’d rarely come across writing that was so clean, and just so beautiful. Then the character of Gamache kind of emerged out of that first experience--as a mixture of Roderick Alleyn and Inspector Maigret. He combines British intellectual with Frenchman’s warmth.” Cosham pauses then adds, “It’s as if those two got married--and Gamache would be their son.”

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Derek Perkins

Derek Perkins

Derek Perkins didn’t find his way to narrating through the usual channels--the last time he had done any acting was in high school. As he told us from his home in Massachusetts, “I got laid off from a job in 2007, and I began to go through a process of trying to work out what, for my next job/career, what I really, really wanted to do. I took some public speaking lessons, I joined Toastmasters--and I did this because I realized what fundamentally are some of my greatest passions, and I think some of my abilities are linked to that, around words, language, performance. I’ve always been a very passionate reader and loved learning.”

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