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Jim Frangione

Narrator Jim Frangione’s third turn interpreting the celebrated, bestselling Dennis Lehane series featuring gangster Joe Coughlin finds the now widowed, now former criminal the target of a hit man. Frangione says that being from the Northeast and having worked on plays and movies written and directed by David Mamet educated him on how to best portray Coughlin. “I really like the way Mamet writes. He has a way of capturing vocal patterns.” In Mamet movies like “Homicide,” “State and Main,” and “Heist,” Frangione has Boston’s dropped “r’s” running through many of his portrayals of tough guys from the area.

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Jenna Lamie

Jenna Lamia's life is a happy juggle of narrating audiobooks, acting, and writing for the television show "90210." She's sure that all three came from growing up in a "storytelling home." Jenna, who recently won an Audie for Solo Narration--Female, began her path to success when her parents read aloud to her nightly. "My father actually made up stories and shared installments of ongoing serials he invented."

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Mozhan Marno

If her face is familiar, it’s because Mozhan Marnò is currently a regular on the primetime TV series “The Blacklist.” She has also appeared in Season 3 of “House of Cards” and has made guest appearances on such popular network shows as “Bones” and “The Mentalist.” Or, you might recognize her from her performance of the title role in the film “The Stoning of Soraya M.,” about a woman accused of adultery, which results in her death by stoning. Multitalented and multitasking, Marnò also writes and directs screenplays.

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