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Distinguished narrator Ralph Cosham, who recently won an Audie Award for his narration of Louise Penny’s THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY, says he vividly recalls encountering the author’s work for the first time. “I read the first few pages of Still Life, and said to my wife, ‘This is something really special.’ I’d rarely come across writing that was so clean, and just so beautiful. Then the character of Gamache kind of emerged out of that first experience--as a mixture of Roderick Alleyn and Inspector Maigret. He combines British intellectual with Frenchman’s warmth.” Cosham pauses then adds, “It’s as if those two got married--and Gamache would be their son.”

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Jayne Entwistle

Before Jayne Entwistle became an improvisational actress and voice-over artist, she earned a graduate degree in counseling. It has helped her understand motivation, and, she says, it proved invaluable when she played the crazy mother of a serial killer. “I used a clinical diagnosis to build that character.”

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Dion Graham

Celebrated narrator and actor Dion Graham has just been named an AudioFile Golden Voice and Booklist's "Voice of Choice," and this comes as no surprise: He's known in the audio world for his outstanding performances and uniform excellence across genres. Whether interpreting biography or memoir, educating and entertaining younger listeners, or bringing to life what he calls his African-themed works, Graham's range and talent as a narrator have netted him consistently superlative praise, including four Audie Awards, scores of AudioFile Earphones Awards, and numerous other "Best of" accolades.

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Jorjeana Marie

Jorjeana Marie has given voice to more than 100 audiobooks in a spectrum of genres for all ages. She now knows that when she was a child, she wanted to grow up and narrate audiobooks, though she didn’t know such a thing existed as a career. “I remember reading out loud in the classroom, and we had to change readers every page. I always wanted to keep reading--I wanted to read the whole book.”

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