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Read by Wally Lamb, George Guidall, Maggi-Meg Reed, Tavia Gilbert, Richard Ferrone, Edoardo Ballerini, Cynthia Darlow, Therese Plummer, Robin Miles, Sandy Rustin, Unabridged

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Cynthia Darlow

Cynthia Darlow

Delightful character portraits come along with Miss Julia in the Ann B. Ross mystery series and with Jessica Fletcher of the Murder, She Wrote series—and don’t forget The Red Hat Club adventures by Haywood Smith. --2007 Narrator Yearbook

Shortly after Cynthia Darlow met her future husband, audiobook narrator Richard Ferrone, he invited her to the Recorded Books Christmas party. There the veteran actress and voice-over artist was introduced to producer Claudia Howard, who encouraged her to put together an audition tape. She did, and in 2000, she began recording audiobooks. One of the hurdles she faced at first was learning to exercise restraint with characterizations and dialects. She quickly realized that more extreme choices get tiresome when a book goes on for several hours. Cynthia can be heard in the Murder, She Wrote series: the last released is THREE STRIKES AND YOU’RE DEAD and will be followed by COFFEE, TEA OR MURDER? A recent, and especially delightful, challenge was narrating WHY EPOSSUMONDAS HAS NO HAIR ON HIS TAIL, and she is thrilled to be receiving an Earphones Award for it. In December, Cynthia, who was in the original Broadway production of Grease, appeared in a limited engagement off-Broadway of David Storey’s play Home, which also starred AudioFile Golden Voice Simon Jones. As to the future, she admits, “I have no idea what’s ahead. I just wait for the juggler of life to come to the front door and throw more balls in the air!”

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