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Courtney Collins, Read by Courtney Collins

Courtney Collins scores a double win with her stellar narration of her outstanding debut novel--ideally suited for audio. The novel is a retelling of the Australian bush legend of Jessie Hickman, a wo..

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Candace Fleming, Read by Kimberly Farr et al.

The author brings stellar research and nonfiction storytelling skills to the fate of Russia's last imperial family, the Romanovs, including young Anastasia. Narrator Kimberly Farr adds energy and soul...

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Young Adult


Jim Butcher, Read by James Marsters

This is James Marsters's fourteenth narration of the Harry Dresden series. He still sounds fully engaged with the Chicago wizard and his magical world. In this installment, Marsters embodies the world...

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Linda Fairstein, Read by Barbara Rosenblat

Narrator Barbara Rosenblat and writer Linda Fairstein have at least one thing in common--they're both top-notch at what they do. In the latest Alexandra Cooper mystery, bodies start turning up near Ne...

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Mystery & Suspense


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