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Anne Twomey

Anne Twomey

Actress Anne Twomey enjoys the "intensity" of audiobook narration. "It's such an immediate experience," she told us. "You get into the story, into the emotions—you live it." With this approach, listeners won't be surprised that we celebrated Anne's narration of Dean Koontz's ONE DOOR AWAY FROM HEAVEN and that she vividly conveyed the powerful intensity of Joyce Carol Oates's CORN MAIDEN, the novella from the Transgressions collection honored on page 45. FALLING ANGELS by Tracy Chevalier is another of Anne's Earphones winners, and she was part of the ensemble cast for FEED, the repeatedly celebrated young adult novel by M.T. Anderson. Recent nonfiction titles GRACE AND POWER and 109 EAST PALACE have immersed Anne in subjects she might not ordinarily be drawn to—the Kennedy White House and the Manhattan Project. Anne appears frequently on New York-based episodic TV such as "Third Watch" and "Law & Order." She is married to actor John Bedford Lloyd, also an audiobook narrator. So who reads to the kids?

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