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Jennifer Van Dyck

Jennifer Van Dyck

We always ask narrators how they get started with audiobooks. Sometimes an actor relishes their first assignment, and other times, it's a wonder they ever want to do another audio! New York-based actress Jennifer Van Dyck's first audio assignment was Monica Lewinsky's memoir that, because it was embargoed, had to be read cold—without preparation. After a couple of celebrity biographies, Jennifer has recently completed two projects with substance. PORT MUNGO is Patrick McGrath's colorful novel of a modern-day Gauguin that is nicely enhanced by Jennifer's treatment. In her reading of Elaine Pagel's BEYOND BELIEF: THE SECRET GOSPEL OF THOMAS, Jennifer was able to draw on her college major, Religious Studies, to inform her performance. Jennifer was also part of the ensemble performance of Michael Cunningham's A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD.

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