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Lisette Lecat

Lisette Lecat

South African-born Lisette Lecat has captivated scores of listeners with the adventures at the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, where Mma Ramotswe parks her tiny white van. Whether describing bush tea or the wisdom of Botswanan morality, Lisette's reading enlivens author Alexander McCall Smith's keen understanding of "ubuntu"--loosely translated as "humanity towards others." Lisette shares a love of Africa in other resonant portrayals of African literature and history, including DON'T LET'S GO TO THE DOGS TONIGHT, and works by Nadine Gordimer, Nancy Farmer, and Caroline Alexander. While sub-Saharan locales may be a specialty, Lisette brings a nuanced familiarity with place to other settings as well, drawing on her world travels and her knowledge of Spanish and French. Lisette's narration is subtle and elegant, allowing the author's work to stay prominent while bringing vitality to each character and situation. Recent ensemble readings include A VENETIAN AFFAIR by Andrea di Robilant and Tracy Chevalier's FALLING ANGELS. Lisette is also an accomplished playwright, with a Broadway credit for The Scent of Roses starring Julie Harris. She is working on additional scripts, but audiobooks are (happily) a primary focus of her talents. She records for the American Foundation for the Blind, which accorded her the prestigious Scourby Award in 1999, and for Recorded Books.--2003 Narrator Yearbook

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