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Last Sentence of 2019!

Last Sentence of 2019

Audiobook narrators ring out the old year by sharing on Twitter the last sentence each one records before the calendar moves us along. In what is becoming a tradition, AudioFile collects these #LastSentence posts during late December and weaves the lines into an original (and yes, more than a bit addled) short story. To encourage listeners to take note of audiobooks they can expect to find during the new year, each last sentence included below carries a footnote to its narrator, the title, and the book’s author.  Thank you to all the narrators who join in the fun while giving listeners hints at audiobooks to come.

PJ Morgan
Simon Vance
Adenrele Ojo

From l: PJ Morgan, Simon Vance, Adenrele Ojo

For my eighteenth birthday, Father promised me the hand of a handsome young man, which he duly delivered mounted in a glass bell-jar.[1]

“It’s on the table in your study.”[2]

On a breath, I answer, “Okay.”[3]

An old coffin was unearthed, and upon its being opened, it was found to contain fragments of a female skeleton, a brown silk gown in wonderful preservation, some human teeth, and a wreath of artificial roses![4]  Mary Lincoln was at peace.[5] She didn’t know who we were.[6]

“And she wants to meet.”[7]  Merry Christmas, Jo.[8]

I’d like to meet her.[9] You will have to tell our confessor, or you will go to Hell and burn forever and ever![10]

They all shook their heads and gave me a smile as though I was
trying to fool with them
And then one
Sunday afternoon I wandered out along the
Desplaines river
And I saw a crowd of Hungarians under the trees with their
women and children and a keg of beer and an accordion.[11]

It was the taste of magic.[12]

Joy Osmanski
Joy Osmanski

Don’t you leave me.[13]  Let’s work together with Li Grand Zombi and make the world a better place with our gris gris![14] It’s gonna be a wild ride![15]  Each page can filter around 100 litres of water so a single book could provide a clean water supply for four years.[16] If you took everything out of Rome that was supposed to have been done by Michelangelo, Rome would be as bare of art as Los Angeles.[17]  Only for its former crowds will the city slowly stir and come to life, street by street, building by building, like an enormous diorama giving back to us the things we thought we’d lost forever.[18]  Let me tell you about them…[19]

Ivy.[20] She was confident that together, they could overcome anything.[21] She was safe, her family was secure, and she would never, ever take that for granted again.[22] Her eyes searched the fairgrounds.[23] There’s always a catch.[24]  The children.[25]  Three children fighting sleep so that they can catch the last moments of a small pocket of fire.[26]  Their shoes make shadows on the floor, and all the feet look alone.[27]  Behind them were the movie stars, each beautiful and desperate, each ready and willing, waiting in a line.[28]  And then they turned and ran after the others, racing past them to take the lead as the procession melted into the grass.[29]

Ramon de Ocampo
Ramon de Ocampo

With unseen tears, the sisters took a few moments before crawling out from under the willow tree.[30]  But then, Melinda had never been a woman to let a few challenges upset her plans.[31]  Darcy, as well as Elizabeth, really loved them; and they were both ever sensible of the warmest gratitude towards the persons who, by bringing her into Derbyshire, had been the means of uniting them.[32] Her young friend would figure it out soon enough.[33]

The waning moon hung high in the sky, nearly full and shining with brilliant white light.[34]  He watched it arc high, catch a breeze, and float down before flying off in the direction the kids had ridden.[35]  Yes, more sleep was exactly what he needed.[36]  And yet, as his eyes closed and the world slipped away into darkness, a knot in his stomach told him that things were about to get much, much worse.[37]  Then he let go, and Firefly dropped to the concrete.[38]  Have a nice life…see you in heaven![39]

“I suspect they might.”[40]

“I can see it, too,” I smiled.[41]  Perhaps the nicest Christmas gift of all.[42] Makes 14–16 four-inch pancakes.[43]  The universe was awash with them.[44]  We’ll eat together, and it will be so exciting![45]  We’re not going to be ok, we already are.[46]

The sky above us the color of coals.[47]  My life was about to become a hell of a lot more interesting.[48] I switch on the headlights and the car seems to leap forward into the night.[49]

We slip away amongst the towers, finding shadows even in the brightness, making our escape.[50]  Things honestly couldn’t get any better than this.[51]  It matters not what form or structure our communities take—or if they have no structure at all; the point is to have a community, a circle of caring, made of family, friends, and neighbors, who will be there for the long haul, as best they can, as we live our final chapter.[52]  If we can attend more closely to the ways in which political life has shaped the identities we have, we may be better positioned to think about how we might mobilize it to transform them and to build new solidarities.[53] I have chosen to live with that hope.[54]

“Oh, I think you have some idea what to do with me…” [55]

Andi Arndt
Andi Arndt

“Deal,” I told him, knowing that this was one deal I’d never regret.[56] And that will do.[57]  What could possibly go wrong?[58]  I’m glad Nick isn’t going to let Dirty Harry turn the Bixby into a wretched hive of scum and villainy.[59]

“It must really sting to lose him to Luna,” Dannon continued.[60]

It was a very humbling thought.[61] Dead or alive…she’d lost him.[62]  His Weltanschauung, or worldview, was little changed from that summer day in 1944 when he had stalked the ramp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.[63]

“No,” he said. “I just helped you see it.”[64]

“She’s much more than that,” he murmured again to himself.[65] “Now,” he said, exhaling wearily, “where is my amulet?”[66]

“It’s not a normal sickness,” she says, getting up off the floor.[67] She had no answers for him, and no idea what to do next.[68] She’ll soar for real tonight.[69]

Zyr![70]  I wish them well.[71] But I’d never say that to Danny.[72]  There are hard discussions, but we follow the law.[73]  What matters is that Gift keeps having babies, that Hammer is distributing seeds, and that the winterthorn still sings.[74] If only…[75]

Rob Shapiro
Rob Shapiro

“To us,” she said softly and clinked her glass against his, excited for the future and everything to come.[76]

Yes.[77]  This was going to be a winter to remember.[78] But today they have the chance to make things better.[79]  They may have been conceived in a web of lies, but they’ll be raised in the truth.[80]  Doing so will unleash value and demand new forms of leadership and organization.[81]  It was up to us.[82]  Don’t just try to shout down the skeptics with a mixture of technobabble and libertarian derp.[83]

Sam felt Willy shift slightly beside her, and glanced up just in time to see her daughter wipe a tear from his cheek.[84]  “Most definitely love,” she sighed, prepared to melt into him for eternity.[85]

“Mitakuye oyas’in,” we all responded, and raised our Spam sandwiches in thanks to the blue Dakota day.[86]  Very soon.[87]

Petrea Burchard
Petrea Burchard

There was a renewed assault on the cupcakes and pigs in a blanket.[88] None of this will save them, when their time comes.[89]

The SS man chewed his lower lip and tapped his revolver on the edge of the boot and then, turning around, he went away.[90] It was the other African American athletes in the middle of Nazi Germany under the gaze of Adolph Hitler that put a lie to notions of racial superiority, whooped em, and taught them a thing or two about democracy and taught them a thing or two about the American character.[91] Humanity prevails.[92] It is the brain, not the heart or lungs, that is the critical organ.[93] It would be a mistake to think otherwise.[94] The tablet’s been unlocked.[95]  Please, find peace, humans.[96] Frobod is Offline.[97]

Kyla Garcia
Kyla Garcia

Developing the bioinformatic tools to gather, integrate and analyze those massive amounts of data, while safeguarding the confidentiality of patient information, is therefore another hurdle that must be cleared.[98] Thank you will never be enough.[99]

My bruised little brain wasn’t in any shape to figure anything out, so I closed my eyes and listened to the tink of rigging on masts and the calls of the gulls, and felt the warmth of the sun on my face, and I thought about tourist brochures, and why people came to Florida in the first place, and in what ways I wasn’t already an honest man.[100]  How was it that life went on, even when the most horrible things happened?[101]

Let’s take seriously the binding power of inequality, and work to release our economy—and our society—from its grip, while retaining the vibrancy of a market economy so that we have an American economy that works for the many, not just the lucky few.[102]  But it may just be that candidates with optimistic liberal or utopian political platforms are more susceptible to such attacks than conservatives and others.[103]  It was deception, Howard maintains, that “made possible tactical surprise which in its turn produced complete and economical victory.”[104]

You’re stronger, tougher, and now more equipped to realize your God-given, extraordinary Mega Dream.[105]  But until then, as a historian, I will attempt to continue to answer the definitive question: What happened next?[106] I finally remembered it![107]

Steve West
Steve West

Teller emerges from the room to find me with an empty bowl of popcorn and the phone in my hand, ready to order a year’s supply of anti-wrinkle cream made by doctors in Scotland who’ve unlocked the key to eternal youth.[108] He was my whirling, swirling dervish, but instead of tossing me around, he held me close in the calm center of him, taking me on a ride I’d never, ever got off of.[109]  Because over the course of the last month and a half, he somehow had completely fallen for his gorgeous, kind, sexy, strong, crazy wolf.[110] And if I’m right, I’m just really glad they’re on our side.[111]  And now it was finally time to start their own happily-ever-after.[112]  But sadly, a nursing home setting might be best for her – for now anyway.[113]

Love is always justified, even when short-lived, even when mistaken, because during its existence it enlarges and ennobles the natures of the men and women experiencing the love.[114]  And if it didn’t, they’d make their home somewhere else.[115] The writer Joseph Conrad put it in a nutshell: The mind of man is capable of anything—because everything is in it, all the past as well as all the future.[116]  The whole beauty of humanity, after all, lies in the attempt.[117] I can’t wait to see the future you build.[118]  I love you too.[119]

As we gave our vows and sealed our union with another kiss, I knew that whatever obstacles lay in our future, we’d overcome them together, for Aiden was not only the right path for me but the one I’d continue to choose forever.[120] And I love you, my darling Valentine’s blessing.[121]

Last Lines - He was ready.
James Patrick Cronin

Of Mr. Groschut it is only necessary to say that he is still at Pugsty, vexing the souls of his parishioners by Sabbatical denunciations.[122]  And your tux.[123] But John Cooper is keeping the faith, believing that good people will do the right thing, and justice will come to Rutherford County, North Carolina.[124] He walked the talk.[125]  He was ready.[126]

Leonardo can and must be the subject of dispute.[127] Somebody hand me a pillow to throw at him.[128]  Life is never on my side, even now that I’ve decided I want to leave it.[129]  And who knows, perhaps Savannah will become a denizen of the Saturday literary salon this poet and pioneering playwright hosted in her home.[130]  Like yourself, she is a selfless, unassuming lady who always has the best interest of others at heart—I am sure that you would get along charmingly.[131] It’s 4:06 p.m., and I am stopping the tape.[132] Godspeed, and thank you very much.[133] Please leave.[134]

And I am a voyageur![135] Finally.[136] And it’s going to be a beautiful day.[137]


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Adenrele Ojo photo by David Wendell Boykins; Ramon de Ocampo photo by  Elsie Rose Photography.

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