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AudioFile is the best way to discover more about audiobooks. We review and recommend the best listening, most interesting performances, and what audiobooks are worth your listening time. We review nearly 400 audiobooks every 60 days, feature narrator and author profiles, and award exceptional performances with AudioFile's Earphones Awards. We'll help you find your next great listen.

AudioFile's Mission

Since 1992  we have reviewed audiobooks, original audio programs, and spoken-word programs. Our focus is the audio presentation, not the critique of the written material and we explore audiobook listening as a unique experience. Let us help you discover the best, most interesting and entertaining titles with:

Reviews: honest critiques that focus on the audio presentation
Upcoming Audiobook Titles: the most complete lists (by subject) you'll find anywhere
Earphones Awards Winners: the Best of the Best  
Interviews: learn more about the narrators & their art; hear authors talk about their audiobooks
Audiobooks & Literacy:  connecting literacy & audiobooks for parents, teachers and librarians

Explore AudioFile in print, through e-newsletters, browse our Websites or participate in one of our unique audiobook programs.

Robin F. Whitten  Editor/Founder
Michele L. Cobb  Publisher
Jennifer M. Dowell  Managing Editor
Elizabeth K. Dodge  Review Editor
Jennifer Steele  Art Director
Emily Connelly  Assistant Editor
Joanne Simoneau  Editorial Assistant
Alisha Langerman Editorial Assistant
Jessica Lockhart  Podcast Producer
Cheryl Gray  Customer Service

Contributing Editors:
Caitlin Augusta, Francisca Goldsmith, Priscilla Grant, Sharon Grover, S.J. Henschel, Candace Levy, Josephine Reed, Aurelia C. Scott, Thomas Walken

Contributors, Vol. 27, No. 4:
Chris Blott, Kevin Brusie


AudioFile reviewers are professionals in the information, education, and performance fields. Each issue of AudioFile lists the reviewers of the month's titles. All reviews are signed.  

Want to be part of AudioFile’s review team? 

We are always interested in new reviewers. We value fresh opinions across all genres. If you are a very active listener, having strong writing experience, and are interested in reviewing the audiobook performance in 125 words or less—you are welcome to apply to Editor Robin Whitten. robin(at)

A.A. Allison Adams, Educator, ME 
A.B. Anna Broome, Audiophile, ME 
A.C. Arvyn Cerézo, Editor, PH

A.C.P. Anne Cole Pierce, Audiophile, FL
A.C.S. Aurelia C. Scott, Writer, ME 
A.D.M. Alan Minskoff, Educator, ID
A.F. Adrienne Furness, Maplewood Community Library, NY 

A.G.H. Anita Horning, Audiophile, GA 
A.G.M. Andrew McKinley, Audiophile, MO
A.M.G. Arlene Griffin, Librarian, TN
​A.H. Anne Hart, Writer, CA 
A.K. Amber Kelley, Audiophile, TN
​A.L. Amanda Lyn, Audiophile, AZ 
A.L.C. Amanda Costello, Writer, NE

A.L.H. Albert L. Holtz, Journalist, MI
A.L.S.M. Amanda Murphy, Librarian, OH
A.M. Aleece Michalak, Librarian, IL
A.M.D. A.M. Dow, Educator, ME 
A.R. Ann Ritchie, Educator, MA
A.R.F. Anthony Farina, Professor, FL

A.S. Andrea Smith, Librarian, MN
A.T.N. Andy Northrup, Librarian, OR
A.W. Archa Wachowicz, Librarian, NY 
A.Z.W. Asher Wismer, Audiophile, ME 

B.E.K. Bridget Keown, Audiophile, MA

B.E.K. Bridget Keown, Audiophile, MA
B.G. Beth Gutcheon, Writer, NY
B.H. Beth Henkes, Bookseller, WA
B.H.B. Brita H. Bonechi, Audiophile, ME
B.H.C. Benjamin Cheever, Writer, NY
B.J.P. Bonnie J. Powell, Audiophile, NJ
B.D.J. Brad Jackson, Writer, UK
B.P. Brian Price, Producer, SD
B.T.D. Barbara Davis, Retired Educator, CT
B.X.M. Barry Miller, Librarian, TX

C.A. Caitlin Augusta, Librarian, CT
C.A.T. Catherine Thompson, Audiophile, UK
C.B.L. Candace B. Levy, Editor, PA
C.E.W Catherine Witmer, Writer, ON
​C.G. Carrie Griffin, Writer, PA

C.M.A. Cathy Andronik, Teacher-Librarian, CT
C.R.A. Carolyn Angus, Librarian, CA
C.S. Christine Sharbrough, Librarian, TX

D.A.W. David A. Walton, Writer, PA
D.B. Dan Bortolotti, Writer, ON
D.C.O. Diana Orgain, Writer, CA
D.E.M. Dale E. McGarrigle, Writer, ME

D.G. Donna Gerardo, Bookseller, ME
D.G.P. Diane Gardner Premo, Librarian, NY

D.J. Dan Jarvis, Librarian, MA
D.J.B. Dan J. Bernard, Radio Producer, ME
D.J.M. Donna J. Miller, Journalist, OH
D.J.P. Dede Perkins, Writer, ME
D.J.S. Daniel J. Siegel, Audiophile, PA 
D.L.G. Diana Granger, Librarian, WI
D.L.M. Denise L. Marchionda, Writer, MA
D.L.Y. Don Yarman, Librarian, OH
D.M.H. David M. Harris, Writer, TN

D.M.W. Danielle M. Walters, Writer, SC
D.P.D. Denise Perry Donavin, Lincoln Township Public Library, MI 
D.L.M. Denise L. Marchionda, Writer, MA
D.P.M. Diane Monnier, Montgomery County Public Libraries, MD
D.R.W. Don Wismer, Cary Memorial Library, ME 
D.S. Dora Salm, Librarian, CT
D.T.H. Diana Tixier Herald, Librarian, CO
D.Z. Denise Zajkowski, Librarian, IL

E.A.B. Erin Broderick, Educator, MA
E.A.N. Lizzie Nolan, San José Public Library, CA

E.B. Elaine Barrie, Greenwich Library, CT
E.B.A. Erin Bunn Allen, Librarian, NC
E.C. Emily Calkins, Librarian, WA
E.D. Elena Dosil, Audiophile, Spain

E.D.H. Eric Hunley, Writer, VA
E.D.R. Eric Randall, Journalist, NY
E.E. Elizabeth Ellis, Editor, Hong Kong
E.E.C. Emily Connelly, AudioFile, ME
E.E.M. Ellen Myrick, Bookseller, TN
E.E.S. Elaine Sumner, Librarian, RI
E.J.F. Elizabeth Fraser, Calgary Public Library, AB
E.K.D. Elizabeth Dodge, AudioFile, ME
E.N. Elizabeth Nelson, Librarian, IL
E.M.C. Emily Childress-Campbell, Librarian, NC
E.Q. Ellen Quint, Writer, NY

E.R.F. Elizabeth Fox, Librarian, SD
E.S. Erica Silverman, Writer, CA 

F.C. Federico Cheever, Educator, CO*
F.G. Frederick
 Greenhalgh, Writer-Producer, ME
F.L.F. Fern Frusti, Librarian, RI
F.M.R.G. Francisca Goldsmith, 
AudioFile, ME

G.D. Geri Diorio, Librarian, CT
G.D.W. Gail D. Welborn, Writer, WA
G.H. Glenn Hopp, Educator, TX
G.M. Gina Monti, Librarian, CT
G.O. Gwen Osborne, Journalist, IL
G.S. Gretchen Schuldt, Writer, WI

G.T.B. Greg T. Beatty, University of Phoenix Online, WA

H.C. Harper Chance, Librarian, ME
H.L.S. Heather L. Savelle, Educator, MA 

J.B.B. James Baxter, Writer, ONT
J.A.H. Joseph A. Harris, M.D., Audiophile, CA*
J.A.S. James A. Stewart, Writer, PA
J.B.G. Judy B. Gummere, Lake Forest Public Library, IL
J.C.G. Jessie Grearson, Writer, ME
J.D.P. Julie Pringle, Fairfax County Library, VA
J.E.C. Jessica Coates, Book Blogger, VA
J.E.M. Joyce E. McCarty, Audiophile, VA
J.E.S. Joanne Simoneau, AudioFile, ME
J.F. Jen Forbus, Book Blogger, OH

J.F.M. Jeni Menendez, Audiophile, ME
J.G.K. Julie Kreft, Librarian, OK
J.J.B. Jenan Jones Benson, Writer, NC
J.K.R. Jennifer Reed, Librarian, MA
J.L. Jonathan Lowe, Writer, AZ
J.L.C. Joseph Carlson, Educator, CA
J.L.K. Jen Karsbaek, Book Blogger, IL
J.M. Jessica Miller, New Britain Public Library, CT

J.M.D. Jennifer M. Dowell, AudioFile, ME
J.M.M. John Murray, Audiophile, CA
J.R.T. Julie Thompson, Librarian, WA

J.S.H. Joe Harrington, Writer, ME
J.M.S. Julie M. Scordato, Marysville Public Library, OH
J.P. Jocelyn Pollard, Theater Director, ME
J.P.S. Jonathan Smith, Radio Producer, ME
J.P.M. Joseph Menta, Audiophile, PA
J.S.K. Julie Kreft, Librarian, OK
J.T. Jessica Teel, Writer, AK
J.W. John Wurzelmann, Writer, NC

K.A.T. Karyl Thorn, Audiophile, CA
K.C. Kirsten Cappy, Bookseller, ME
K.D. Kris Duplantier, Audiophile, OK

K.M. Kirk McElhearn, Writer, FR
K.M.D. Karen Demers, Wilbraham Public Library, MA
K.M.P. Katie Polley, Librarian, MN
K.T.B. Karen T. Bilton, Librarian, NJ

K.T.J. Kristi Jemtegaard, Librarian, VA
K.J.P. Kate Pullen, Writer, Spain
K.S.B. Kate Budries,
Librarian, NC
K.S.M. Kate S. McDonald, Educator, CT
K.W. Kathryn Weiss, Audiophile, MN

L.B. Liam Brennan, Writer, MB
L.B.F. Leslie B. Fine, Educator, NY
L.C. Louise Collins, Producer, PA*
L.C.L. Louise LeClaire, Cheshire Public Library, CT 
L.D.H. Lizette Hannegan, Librarian, VA

L.E. Lance Eaton, Writer, MA
L.H. Lizette Hannegan, Librarian, MD
L.L. Laura Lintz, Librarian, NY
L.M.A. Lee M. Arly, Audiophile, AK
L.T. Lisa Taylor, Librarian, FL
L.V.B. Lisa V. Blake, Audiophile, ME

M.A.M. Melody A. Moxley, Rowan ­­Public Library, NC
M.B. Marc Bona, Editor, OH
M.B.B. Molly Butler Bailey, Audiophile, ME
M.B.K. Miriam B. Kahn, Librarian, OH
M.C. Mike Comer, Audiophile, ME
M.D. Maria Dietrich, Librarian, WI
M.D.H. Mary Dalton Howard, Educator, NJ

M.F. Maya Fleischmann, Writer, VA
M.F.D. Mary Devine, Journalist, ME
M.F.R. Marziah Rashid, Writer, UAE
M.F.T. Mary Thompson, Audiophile, OR

M.G. Mark Garvey, Editor, OH
M.H.N. Mary H. Nino, Librarian, CA
​M.J. Michelle J. Ritholz, Audiophile, NY

M.J.B. Michael Bandler, Writer, MD
M.J.R. Michelle J. Robb, Educator, OH
M.L.C. Michael Coulter, Educator, PA
M.L.R. Mark Rippy, Educator, AK

M.M.C. Marta M. Crisp, Writer, PA
M.M.G. Michelle Goggins, Audiophile, MT

M.M.O. Melissa Orth, Curtis Memorial Library, ME
M.O. Michael Ollove, Baltimore Sun, MD
M.O.B. Mary O’Brien, Educator, ME
M.P.P. Michele P. Penn, Audiophile, NJ
M.R. Mohana Rajakumar, Qatar University, Qatar
M.R.E. Martie Ramm Engle, Educator, CA
M.R.P. Morgan Pershing, Librarian, CA
M.S. Michael Sangiacomo, Plain Dealer, OH
M.S.W. Merry White, Librarian, UT
M.T. Matthew Tiffany, Writer, ME
M.T.B. M. Tracy Brigden, Editor, NY
M.T.F. Michael T. Fein, Librarian, VA
M.T.P Maria Palacio, Lee County Library System, FL

N.E.M. Nancy E. McCarty, Educator, PA 
​N.J.B. Nicholas Beishline, Educator, PA

N.L. Nancy Lowe, Writer, SC
N.H. Niki Hawkes, Bookseller, UT
N.M. Natalie Marshall, Librarian, GA

N.M.C. Nancy M. Campbell, Audiophile, WA

P.B.J. Paul Janeczko, Poet, ME
P.E.F. Paul E. Ferrari, Educator, NY
P.G. Priscilla Grant, Writer, ME

P.H.M. Pamela Misenheimer, Writer, NC
P.R. Phyllis Rogers, Educator, ME 
P.W. Preston Wilson, Educator, NY

R.A.H. Rebecca Honeycutt, Librarian, NC
R.A.P. Rachel Astarte Piccione, Audiophile, NY

R.B.T. Roger Tashjian, Bookseller, NJ
R.C.G. Richard C. Gotshall, Retired Journalist, IN
R.E.F. Ruth Ferguson, Audiophile, TX
R.E.K. Robert E. Krug, Audiophile, ME
R.F. Rebecca Feind, Librarian, CA
R.F.W. Robin F. Whitten, AudioFile, ME 
R.G.M. Robert Munro, Radio Reading Service, NC
R.H.H. Ruth Heespelink, Librarian, MA 
R.I.G. Robert I. Grundfest, Educator, NJ
R.L.L. Ruth L. Lind, Editor, ME
R.M. Betsy Massar, Audiophile, CA
R.O. Randy O’Brien, Educator, TN
R.Q.D. Rachel Davis, Librarian, ME
R.R. Rochelle Ratner, Writer, NY
R.S.E. Rosemary Erb, Audiophile, ME
R.T. Rena Tobey, Educator, CT
R.W.S. Richard W. Stim, Producer, CA 

S.A.C. Sandie Angulo Chen, Journalist, MD
S.A.H. Sarah Hashimoto, Librarian, MI
S.B. Stephanie Baker, Audiophile, MA
S.B.S. Susan Stavropoulos, Librarian, ME
S.B.T. Sarah Bean Thompson, Springfield-Greene County Library, MO
S.C. Sonja Cole, Audiophile, NJ

​S.C.A. Susan C. Awe, Librarian, NM
S.D. Susan Dunman, Librarian, KY
S.D.D. Scott D. Danielson, Audiophile, ID
S.E.G. Sara E. Grimm, Librarian, IL

S.E.H. Stephen Hirshon, Audiophile, ME
S.E.S. Steven E. Steinbock, Writer, ME
S.G. Sharon Grover, Hedberg Public Library, WI
S.G.B. Susan G. Baird, Librarian, IL
S.H. Shelley Holley, Librarian, CT
S.J.H. S.J. Henschel, Editor, NY

S.J.S. Sarah Schmitt, Librarian, IN
S.K. Sheldon Kaye, Librarian, FL

S.K.P. Susan Peterson, Educator, NH
S.M. Sheri Melnick, Writer, PA
S.M.M. Steve M. MacDonald, Writer, MA
S.M.W. Sorah Wismer, Audiophile, ME
S.P. Shira Pilarski, Librarian, MI

S.P.C. Stephen Cummings, Audiophile, IA
S.S.R. Susan S. Rosenzweig, Educator, RI
S.T.C. Sunny Carito, Librarian, VA
S.W. Susie Wilde, Writer, NC

T.B. Toni Buzzeo, Librarian, ME
T.D. Terry Delaney, Editor, MO
T.E.C. Traci Currie, Educator MI

T.F. Thomas Fine, Editor, NY
T.H. Ted Hipple, Educator, TN
T.J.M. Thomas J. Miller, Audiophile, OR
T.J.W. Tom Walukonis, Writer, NJ
T.M.D. Teresa DiGenova, Audiophile, MD
T.W. Thomas Walken, Writer, NC

V.B. Victoria Biggs, Editor, TX
V.M.G. Vicki Mejia-Gewe, Audiophile, CA
​V.T. Veronica Thames, Writer, TN

W.A.G. William A. Giwertz, Educator, CA

W.L.S. Wende L. Sairio, Librarian, ME
W.M. William Mingin, Writer, NJ
W.V.S. Wendy VanScheetz, Columbus Metropolitan Library, OH

​Y.R. Yuri Rasovsky, Producer, CA*

Z.S. Zander Sharp, Audiophile, UK


AudioFile awards Earphones to truly exceptional presentations that excel in all the following criteria:

  • Narrative voice and style
  • Vocal characterizations
  • Appropriateness for the audio format
  • Enhancement of the text

Readers' letters and comments are welcome. Address correspondence to: Robin F. Whitten,

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