Finding Sparks of Light and Laughter

Finding Sparks of Light and Laughter: Funny Mystery Audiobooks to the Rescue

Finding Sparks of Light and Laughter

I’m reporting from the U.S. epicenter of the pandemic, New York City—Brooklyn, to be exact. I feel like I am in a terrifying Stephen King novel with no end. The streets are eerily deserted and spookily quiet. I have a view of the Brooklyn Bridge out my window—the walkway, always packed with tourists and commuters, is empty. And my hands are sore from washing them to protect me and everyone from this invisible enemy.

Yet I am grateful. I wake up every morning expressing my thanks for making it through another day unscathed. And I send wishes of strength for those who have been directly touched.

And with all of the mounds of advice out there for how to retain your equanimity under these circumstances, I want to offer up one additional strategy: listening to audiobooks, and particularly listening to those that will take you out of your world and actually make you laugh. Read more…

Robin's Virtual Storytime

Now’s the Time for Listening!

We’ve got listening time! A silver lining of these turbulent weeks may be that many of us have more time to listen to audiobooks. All of us at AudioFile are working remotely with our reviewers and editors to keep the recommendations and reviews coming. But we’re mostly home with no commuting time or family visits and are getting creative with our listening time. I made a setup with my phone (see the photo above) so that I can read to my grandson and he can see the pages of the story as we go. No worries that I’ll consider going into narration—I’d rather be on the listening end. Also above, Sharon Allen, a new Portland-based AudioFile team member, has a listening companion—Natchez—as she takes a break outside. Emily’s daughter Juniper has been listening a lot. She’s tuned in here to GOODNIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS as she colors. Jenn has new knitting projects in the works during her listening time.

How are you making use of your stay-at-home time? If you’re reading this post, you already know that we have thousands—literally 48,000—of audiobooks reviews at the AudioFile site. So you should be OK for recommendations, and we continue to publish on our regular schedule of 50 new reviews per week, and three free e-newsletters a month packed with our picks. And we’re offering the digital edition of our new April/May issue of AudioFile magazine free to everyone! Read more…

Comfort Listening

Comfort Listening: 6 Romance Audiobooks That Will Take You Away

Comfort Listening

Emotions are a funny thing. I bet over the past month, you’ve ridden a roller-coaster of them. I’ve had some high points—thinking about my grandparents and aunts and uncles who crushed cans and gave up driving during World War II as part of their civic duty and feeling proud to do mine by avoiding crowds—and a few low points as well. The day we closed up our library building to visitors, my Spanish app coincidentally was teaching me how to say, “I think I have a high fever and a headache,” which was more irony than I was capable of dealing with that day.

Last week, I became so mentally depleted that I needed a more definitive cure, which turned out to be the movie She’s the Man, starring Amanda Bynes at the height of her comedic powers and a younger Channing Tatum. It was a perfect escape movie, and it put me into a calmer frame of mind for a good three days. Here on the blog, I wanted to provide you with the audio equivalent—romances on the lighter side with stellar narrators and really catchy stories that will keep your attention focused. Plus (spoiler alert!), romance pretty much guarantees you a happy ending, which we all need right now. Love your listening, love your friends and neighbors from afar, love your pets for keeping you sane! Read more…

Nancy Wu

Narrator Nancy Wu on The Majesties

Tiffany Tsao’s opulent thriller THE MAJESTIES captivates as it follows the fates of a Chinese Indonesian family living in Jakarta. In the video below, narrator Nancy Wu explains her personal connections to this saga.

“It was fascinating and rare to get to see the world of my mother’s childhood brought to life in really rich detail.”—Narrator Nancy Wu

Read more…