8 New Romance Audiobooks from Favorite Narrators

8 New Romance Audiobooks From Favorite Narrators

“Never judge a book by its cover”—that’s a good motto for audiobook shopping. Truthfully, many of us choose our listening because of the audio’s narrator. Contemporary romance narrators like Soneela Nankani (THEN, NOW, ALWAYS) and Justine O. Keef (LOVE HARD) are what I call known entities. After trying one of their romances, you’re probably up for another… and another… and another.

Love Hard
Once A Spy
Chasing Cassandra

There’s a similar reality with historical romance, except one should probably multiply the narrator-love exponentially, given the proliferation of historical series and the loyalty they elicit. Professionals like Beverley A. Crick (ONCE A SPY) and Mary Jane Wells (CHASING CASSANDRA) are both spellbinding and astonishing in delivering accents and historical prose. Portraying with accuracy and humanity characters who lived hundreds of years ago—usually in the British aristocracy, for better or worse—is no small feat.

The Sinner
My Way To You

Paranormal listeners are probably the apex of intense, matched only by the driving pace and steamy heat of narrators like Jim Frangione (THE SINNER). His hallmark reading of JR Ward’s series, THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD, engenders an epic fanbase.

And then there is serendipity listening. Downloading the new Catherine Bybee, MY WAY TO YOU, narrated by Ariela Crow, or Rachel Hauck’s newest, THE FIFTH AVENUE STORY SOCIETY, narrated by Lisa Larson, you may discover a new-to-you narrator who will become your next “must listen.” Not to mention Lucy Parker’s enemies-to-lovers Earphones winner HEADLINERS, narrated by Billie Fulford-Brown. Speaking personally, audiobooks like these will help you through tough times. Love your community, love your family, love your listening.

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