Behind the Mic: The Yid

History and invention in the last days of Stalinist Russia—and this audiobook is funny, really.

AudioFile went Behind the Mic to hear from Peter Berkrot about narrating THE YID, written by Paul Goldberg. Peter tells us that as he prepared for the narration, it brought back memories of his own family.

“It took me back to memories of my childhood, growing up and listening to my grandparents, and great aunts and uncles speaking Yiddish and laughing.”—Narrator Peter Berkrot

The Yid

by Paul Goldberg, read by Peter Berkrot
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Peter accomplished an amazing narrative feat of balancing characters speaking English, Russian, and Yiddish and evoking both history and humor in the novel set during the last days of Stalinist Russia. Listen to a sound clip and read AudioFile’s full review on our website.

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