Fun with Podcasting—with 2018 Best Audiobooks Episodes

Robin’s Roundup November 30

After 26 years of reviewing audiobooks, who knew that recommending audiobooks in a podcast would be so much fun! When we started Behind the Mic in September, we had so much to learn—and still do. And as we begin start to settle in, I’m finding it so rewarding to “book talk” our recommendations.

In revealing the 50 Best Audiobooks of 2018 this week, we changed up the format of the Behind the Mic podcasts a bit. Michele Cobb, AudioFile’s publisher, and I are doing episodes on each subject group in the Best 2018, and we’re also chatting with some of the narrators honored for these 2018 accolades. I could keep on writing about them, but really, just click below and listen!

Monday, we started with Best Fiction.

Tuesday, we chatted with Michael Crouch, who is celebrated not only for OLIVER LOVING in the Fiction category, but also gets the nod for two ensemble audiobooks in the Young Adult category.

Wednesday, Michele and I revealed the Nonfiction & Culture category. These audiobooks were in our sights early on—the narrators of five of them created videos for us. You can find them here, or on AudioFile’s YouTube channel.

Thursdays’s child is the Young Adult Best list.

And wrapping up week 1, we talked with Sunil Malhotra, one of the narrators of Gayle Forman’s I HAVE LOST MY WAY.

I encourage you to tune in to our short AudioFile podcasts. A few minutes—while you’re making coffee or waiting for the bus—can give you ideas for the best listening, and insights from the best narrators. Look for five more Best Audiobooks podcasts next week.

You can listen to the recent podcasts from the AudioFile site; check out every published episode since September on our Podcast page, or subscribe via the podcatcher of your choice: iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. And remember to give us a rating or comment on iTunes, as this helps other listeners find us.

Robin Whitten
Robin is the Founder & Editor of AudioFile Magazine. The AudioFile Blog is her newest project to offer new voices and recommendations for audiobooks.

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