Last Sentences of 2018 Point to a Great Year of Audiobooks to Come


As the year winds to a close, audiobook narrators have been sharing on social media their #LastSentenceOf2018 — the last sentence of the last audiobook they recorded in 2018. We’ve woven these last lines into a unique(!) piece to ring out the old and welcome in the new year. (You’ll see that we’ve added footnotes rather than interrupt the flight of this magic carpet. If you’d rather just read the Tweets in their original state, go on over to Twitter and search that hashtag.)

Johnny Heller by Joanna Perrin
Lisa Renee Pitts by James Dipietro
Peter Berkrot

Thank you to the many narrators, whom you will see credited with the corresponding audiobook title in the footnote for each last line, and to Tantor Audio, Simon & Schuster Audio, Audible, Dreamscape Media, christianaudio, HarperAudio, Bee Audio, Chocolate Fox Audio, Spoken Realms, Mosaic Audio, Brilliance Publishing, McGraw Hill, Sourcebooks, Blunder Woman Productions, Penguin Random House Audio, Podium Audio, and Lyric Audiobooks for all of these forthcoming listens! It’s a delight to have so much to look (listen?) forward to in 2019. May your new year be filled with promise and creativity!

50. Limiting beliefs.[1]

The hot sun beat down, making the air seem flat and glassy.[2] I hunkered down under the covers, and watched the fan slowly turning its head like a long-extinct bird, patiently scanning the room, holding its judgment for morning.[3] The Ancients had one of Talohna’s deadliest weapons, and they had all the time needed to exploit him.[4] That’s just the problem, ain’t it?[5] It’s time to tell my family.[6]

Saskia Maarleveld
Robert Fass
Elizabeth Wiley

You can call me Auntie Em.[7] There are some things you don’t know about Grandma.[8] Ona led the way not only for her sister Philadelphia Costin, but for all her enslaved brothers and sisters, step by courageous step.[9] This is just the beginning of your journey.[10] One day might be too long to wait.[11] Marjorie would have made her father proud.[12] Just a hint.[13] No matter what they tell you or do for you, I’ll always be there.[14]

“Some are born to luck, some achieve luck, and some have luck thrust upon them,” he said.[15] There were few moments like that, but when we got them, they were glorious.[16] Prove it.[17] I am saving them for my son.[18] Together we are a force.[19] They will sing our songs, and our songs will never die.[20] Neither will mine.[21] I insist upon it.[22] I guess they do sometimes, if not always according to plan.[23]

Gabra Zackman
Christa Lewis
Edoardo Ballerini

“A celebration of life,” Katie said.[24] Its practical impact begins when all citizens start doing their part.[25] Yes they will.[26] One can only hope.[27]

Unknown Voice: ‘Viva Gabo!’[28] He would never in a million years let them down.[29] Once again, Tatiana Stein, her older sister, had become a ghost.[30] Little did she know they’d end up in the Randy Whistler.[31] Get ready to meet your God.[32] When he smiles back at Mickel Cardell in the light of the fire, his teeth are all stained red.[33] And a murder solved![34] For although it is neither magic nor medicine, when food helps us form new bonds and brings us closer to those we love, it can truly transform our lives.[35] “To our pack.[36] Stop shouting,” he said.[37] And with unassailable confidence he declared, clearly enunciating each word: “Posledny – iz – Romanov.”[38]

We wish you all the best on your family’s journey toward healing.[39] “I love you,” he told her.[40][i] You are a powerful, beautiful woman who deserves everything you desire.[41] “Well, why not?” she said.[42] I say yes.[43] May we be a generation that responds with a YES![44] And so they did.[45] So it was done, and the King’s son married the Maiden.[46] He kissed her, and Lainie knew that a dream, one that promises a thousand tomorrows filled with love had come true.[47] That, however, is a tale for another book![48]

Andi Arndt
Soneela Nankani by Anna Flores Photograghy and Alexandra Vaccino
Tanya Eby by Jordan Matter

So tell me about your day, Swayz.[49] Love you.[50] He nodded pensively, unfolded his arms and began to walk towards Albert.[51] What would happen if you prayed for some Red Sea moments?[52] Behind the headlines of summits and showdowns, and beyond the destinies of empires, it’s such a breadth of achievement that has given the United States its historic advantage, in the past as today.[53] A genius is the one most like himself.[54] She and her girls had found it, at last.[55] And, for now, that was enough.[56]


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Photos: Johnny Heller by Joanna Perrin, Lisa Renee Pitts by James Dipietro, Soneela Nankani by Anna Flores Photograghy and Alexandra Vaccino, and Tanya Eby by Jordan Matter. All others courtesy of narrators.

Francisca Goldsmith has worked with teens, collections, and administering branch services in public, school, and academic libraries in the U.S. and Canada. Connecting communities to information and supporting new Americans in learning both language and culture are her passions. To those ends, she’s worked with audiobooks and listeners for the past 20 years.

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