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Celebrating Audiobook Month with AudioFile’s reviewers

June is Audiobooks Month

While we celebrate fantastic audiobooks all year long, we’re never ones to say no to a party. Since June is Audiobook Month, all month long we’re sharing why we love audiobooks here on our blog and on our social media channels (look for #loveaudiobooks on Twitter and Facebook to join!). Because we know that our reviewers are some of the biggest audiobook fans around, we’re sharing some of the reasons that they love listening.

Reviewer Susie Wilde has discovered that audiobooks are a great help with ADD and says, “Mornings when I can’t get going, my go-to strategy is audiobooks. My theory is that when my right brain is occupied with a story, my left brain is free to organize my day.” Shira Pilarski agrees that listening is great for multitasking and says, “A great narrator can bring me into a story in a way that print books simply can’t. I connect more strongly with characters when I hear their voices.”

Jessica Coates says, “I’ve recently gotten into the world of independent nail polish, so I always have an audiobook on when I’m trying out a new polish. It makes waiting for them to dry a lot more fun!” Julie Thompson also finds audiobooks helpful when she’s stuck waiting — except that she makes a point to arrive early so she can walk and listen! In her picture above, she says she’d arrived early to a Seattle Storm game, giving her time to catch up on audiobooks and stroll around the city. She says, “Every time I’m out walking, I associate neighborhoods, trails, and events with stories I’ve listened to. That’s one reason I love audiobooks; they draw me in and become part of my surroundings.” And Louise LeClaire shares: “Audiobooks make long car rides a pleasure and are the ultimate multitasking tool, bringing enjoyment to the most mundane tasks.”

Many of our reviewers tell us that they love listening while out in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. Reviewer Anne Cole Pierce shares: “You won’t catch me without my earphones on while I work in the garden, drive, clean house, or fly. Listening to a good book turns work into play and makes anything you get to do (or have to do) more fun!” We certainly agree.

Candace Levy, reviewer and AudioFile blogger, expresses her love of audiobooks so well: “Whenever I get ready to do a household chore, the first thing I do is put my earbuds in and turn on my audiobook. I listen every chance I get, but my favorite times are when I’m working in the kitchen, when I’m taking a walk, and when I’m tending my garden. As I was weeding my peonies this year, I was listening to GOOD NIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS. What an inspiring collection of stories, perfect for listeners of all ages and genders. The full cast of awesome women narrators kept me in the garden overtime as I eagerly listened to the profiles of strong women from around the world and throughout history.”

Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for more about all the ways we love audiobooks here at AudioFile — and more photos and words from our team of reviewers! We’ll be looking for your photos and stories about your love for audiobooks, too!

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