Narrator Jake Abel on Stephenie Meyer’s MIDNIGHT SUN

Actor Jake Abel narrated Stephenie Meyer’s newest audiobook, MIDNIGHT SUN, which tells the tale of TWILIGHT, but from vampire Edward Cullen’s point of view. Jake tells us about his experience narrating an audiobook for the first time and the responsibility of giving voice to Edward and the rest of the characters.

“I wanted to approach each person by their personality and their point of view, kind of how I prepare to do a film or TV show. Whatever comes out is because of what their wants and needs are.”—Narrator Jake Abel

by Stephenie Meyer, read by Jake Abel
Hachette Audio

Jake Abel gives a skilled performance of this story, in which Edward’s frustration over the monotony of vampire life changes to vitriol when he meets the tantalizing and challenging human high schooler Bella. Abel’s pace is perfect for Edward’s poetic speech, especially when his volume fades at a wistful thought. A hiss through gritted teeth enhances action scenes just as the awe and tenderness in Edward and Bella’s soft voices complement the magic of first love.

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