Narrator Moira Quirk on Harrow the Ninth

Lesbian necromancers in space! Moira Quirk lent her many talents to narrating last year’s hit SFF novel GIDEON THE NINTH, one of AudioFile’s 2019 Best Audiobooks—Quirk describes her approach to narrating GIDEON as “a country house murder mixed with CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.” Now she’s back with HARROW THE NINTH, Tamsyn Muir’s mind-bending sequel—”an M.C. Escher-designed funhouse.”

“There’s the same snark, the same characters, the same enticing sentence structure and delicious vocabulary.”–Narrator Moira Quirk

Harrow the NinthHARROW THE NINTH
by Tamsyn Muir, read by Moira Quirk
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AudioFIle Earphones Award

Moira Quick expertly narrates a complicated sci-fi puzzle. Harrowhark Nonagesimus is in training to save the universe. However, her body and mind betray her at every turn, and no one–not even she–is as they seem. Quirk adroitly steers HARROW through all its twists and turns. As the story progresses and layers are slowly peeled back, Quirk’s portrayal of Harrow is revealed to be both shockingly insightful and tragically poignant. A magnificent, powerhouse performance.

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