What Is The Happiness Curve of our Lives?

Behind the Mic with Narrator Robert Fass

AudioFile goes Behind the Mic with narrator Robert Fass, who shares insights into his recent audiobook project, THE HAPPINESS CURVE. Jonathan Rauch explores how age affects happiness, and “Why Life Gets Better after 50.”

“It will give you some encouragement, and some hope that things do get better.”—Narrator Robert Fass

The Happiness Curve

By Jonathan Rauch, read by Robert Fass
Macmillan Audio
AudioFile Earphones Award

Robert Fass proves the perfect guide to exploring these concepts of age and happiness. Presenting the author’s personal journey, and his research and interviews, Robert keeps listeners engaged and tuned in to this fascinating study. Listen to a soundclip and read AudioFile’s full review.

Robert is such a versatile narrator, and listeners can explore his many audiobook titles through his audiography, which includes other cultural explorations such as TRUTH: How the Many Sides of Every Story Shape Our Reality, and FOOD FIGHT: GMOs and the Future of the American Diet. Also Science Fiction—MOCKINGBIRDand literary fiction—IN THE DISTANCE WITH YOU  and NIETZSCHE ON HIS BALCONY, both translated works.

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