Nicholas Boulton

4 Romance Earphones Winners

Nicholas Boulton
Nicholas Boulton

How many times have you listened to a narrator, and thought, “I could listen to that person read the telephone book”? (Yes, there are still telephone books at my house . . . like old-school Yelp.)

Maybe it’s the gritty timbre of his voice. Maybe it’s her turn of phrase, or the hint of humor he manages to insouciantly toss into dialogue. Maybe it’s her sweet tone that draws you into the recording. All of which is to say —when a narrator has IT, you know.

Mary Jane Wells
Mary Jane Wells

So, here IT is — two romance AudioFile Earphones Award-winning titles — A MATCH MADE IN BED and BESOTTED WITH THE VISCOUNT. And to sweeten the pot, we’ve paired them with two more Earphones titles from these same narrators.

Imagine I’ve just handed you four delicious chocolate bars — there’s no possible way you can go wrong with any of these audiobooks. Of course, I recommend you listen to all four of them. Click through on each review below to hear a clip of the audiobook and sample them for yourself! Your audioshelf awaits — so be sure to love your listening. Read more…

Off the Clock

7 Audiobooks on Creating the Good Life

Off the ClockAmong our recent personal growth audios, quite a few focus on the specific things we can do to be happier and more satisfied with life. Being productive is one of those things, and in OFF THE CLOCK Laura Vanderkam says we’re going about it all wrong. She’s against obsessive time-management and instead offers a graceful invitation to stand back from our to-do lists and take a mindful look at how we can best engage with what needs to be done.

Another recent title, HOW WOMEN RISE, is about overcoming obstacles to personal effectiveness, another component of happiness. Lifted by the refreshing reading of voice pro Suzanne Toren, the audio describes how women can use their strengths to confront workplace gender bias instead of automatically capitulating to it. Read more…

Michael David Axtell

Michael David Axtell on narrating The Gunners

Michael David Axtell takes AudioFile listeners Behind the Mic to hear more about THE GUNNERS, Rebecca Kauffman’s story of friendship, betrayal, love, and forgiveness.

“The characters were so different and so human. Getting to inhabit them was an honor.”—Narrator Michael David Axtell

Read more…


Support Your Indie Bookstore with Libro.fm Audiobooks

Libro.fmWe have so many summer visitors in Maine, and I often hear how much they enjoy browsing our independent bookstores. Here in Portland, Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shops and Longfellow Books are two of my favorites, along with our newest, Print: A Bookstore. Listeners can also get digital audiobooks from these Indie stores through their partnership with Libro.fm Audiobooks.

AudioFile is working with Libro.fm to help tell more listeners about the program and support the independent bookstores we love. You don’t have to visit Maine—you can find an indie near you: Libro.fm/indies.

Here’s the AudioFile spin on Libro.fm Bestsellers—first some fiction, followed by nonfiction picks: Read more…


5 Favorite Series: Part 1

Hello, my name is Candace and I’m addicted to series. Especially on audio.

I’m not picky, either: mystery, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction . . . if I sense author–narrator magic going on, I’m there. And I can’t stop listening.

I refuse rehab. You can’t get me to quit.

Written In My Own Heart's Blood

One of my favorite audiobook series is Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books read by the divine Davina Porter. The books take place in two time periods (20th century and 18th century) and in both the Old and New Worlds. The plot includes family saga, romance, and time travel, wrapped up in historical fiction. Listen to these books just for Porter’s perfect accents (especially Gaelic/Scottish) and her characterizations, but really listen because the story is so, so good. Start with OUTLANDER and get ready for about 365 hours of audiobook heaven, ending with WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD. I understand there are at least two more books planned. Davina Porter had better clear her schedule. Read more…