Running Into The Dark

Running into the Dark: A Motivational Memoir

Will you be following along with the New York City Marathon this weekend? Author Jason Romero and narrator Gary Galone share the story behind RUNNING INTO THE DARK, a motivational listen that just might get you to tie on your running shoes. Romero, who is legally blind, had a pretty extreme requirement for the narrator of his audiobook memoir—run the Boston Marathon along with him as his guide.

“I had to stop more than a few times to gather myself while reading this amazing story of perseverance.”—Narrator Gary Galone

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Great American Listening

Great American Listening

Great American ListeningPBS has just concluded a national survey and an eight-part series that explored and celebrated the power of reading, told through the prism of America’s 100 best-loved novels: THE GREAT AMERICAN READ. The final results just released put TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD definitively on top, with four finalists: the Outlander series, the Harry Potter series, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, and the Lord of the Rings series. What strikes me with these favorites is that many of them offer spectacular listening. Read more…

Call Me American

6 Tales of Coming to America

Meet my great great grandfather Reese, who emigrated from Wales to Wisconsin in the 1860s and married Matilda, whose family originated in Saarland. And my husband Bob’s great grandfather Jacob, who emigrated from Bavaria to Ohio around the same time. He married Maria, whose family originated in Hesse. 

These men are the most recent immigrants in our respective families. They arrived with nothing but fortitude and enthusiasm and became Americans. I think of them as two precious scraps in America’s wondrous crazy-quilt. In gratitude to all newcomers from wherever they originate, I’m recommending six tales of immigration that foster admiration and appreciation. Read more…

Halloween Audiobooks

Halloween Staff Picks

Halloween Audiobooks

Happy Halloween! In honor of this holiday that’s all about candy and scaring each other with creepy stories, we’re sharing frightening audiobooks to get you in the Halloween mood. Listen as you get your house ready for the trick-or-treaters knocking on your door, or enjoy in your easy chair with a nice cup of hot cider after indulging in all of that candy yourself. Read more…

John Lane

John Lane, Audie Award-Winning Romance Narrator

AudioFile Magazine was thrilled to catch up with narrator John Lane fresh off of his Audie Award win in the Erotica category for CLAIM & PROTECT by Rhenna Morgan. We know you’ll enjoy getting to know a bit more about him!

AudioFile Magazine: What was it like winning the Audie Award this year?

Claim & ProtectJohn Lane: Honestly, I was absolutely floored. It was a first Audie nomination and first win for me, for Harlequin Audio, and for the amazing producer Suzanne Mitchell who is just the most lovely person . . . it was really special to share that moment with all of them. The other narrators in the category were/are some of the absolute best in the business and even though I knew CLAIM & PROTECT was a really great title, there was no way any of us could have known it would end up where it did. I think when you try to do your 100% best on every single sentence of every single title, anything can happen. I was honored just to be nominated with that group but there was no way I expected to win. In fact, I think maybe the first thing I did after they called out the title at the Audies was turn to my good friend Neil Hellegers, who was sitting next to me, and say “no *gosh-darn* way!” (or, you know, something maybe a little less appropriate for print). Read more…