Narrator Dion Graham on Marlon James’s Fantasy Epic Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Golden Voice narrator Dion Graham gives listeners insights into one of this year’s biggest fantasy novels as he introduces us to the first in Marlon James’s new trilogy, BLACK LEOPARD, RED WOLF. In this African-inspired epic, the protagonist’s powerful sense of smell leads him through dangerous cities and wild lands in pursuit of a child he has been hired to find. Watch the video below.

“It’s an incredible piece of work about life, death, loss, love, urges, wants, desires, needs, and the pursuit of happiness.”—Narrator Dion Graham

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Mark Deakins

5 Questions with Narrator Mark Deakins

Mark DeakinsHelp me welcome narrator Mark Deakins to today’s Take 5 interview. My personal journey with Mark’s work started with the dystopian young adult series Maze Runner and then quickly veered off onto other paths, especially literary fiction, nonfiction, and thrillers.

I depend on Mark to honor a fiction author’s style while adding an under-layer of drama, whether that means careful pacing to pump up an action scene or a change in pitch or tone to highlight a character’s emotional reactions. He gives his nonfiction performances a conversational, natural feel, which makes history and biography more accessible, erasing any hint of classroom lecture. Read more…

Tartan Noir

Tartan Noir: Discovering the Rich Offerings of Scottish Crime Audiobooks

Tartan Noir

Having just spent several days with a wonderful colleague from Scotland, I find myself drawn into the world of Tartan Noir. It’s not just the lovely accent, but also the complexity and grit of Glasgow and Edinburgh contrasted with the misty, mysterious Highlands that makes this part of the world a perfect setting for mysteries. Read more…

Almost Midnight

Criminal Intent: Series Mystery Listens

Forest Covered in Fog

Who are you planning to bump off this summer? Oh, don’t look shocked. If it isn’t an in-law, blood relative, supervisor, cubicle mate, or politician, then it’s the barista who has never once acknowledged your daily presence in the coffee shop. (Could be your lack of tipping—just saying.) Before doing the deed, you need inspiration about what to do and how to not be caught. So, today’s Audio Adventures celebrate the newest offerings from some of my favorite mystery series. Read more…