Heath Miller

Heath Miller on SPACE OPERA

Heath MillerHeath Miller narrated the zany sci-fi novel SPACE OPERA, one of our 2018 Best Audiobooks in Science Fiction & Fantasy. How zany? Sentient races compete for glory in a universe-wide music contest, and it’s both scathing social commentary and a hilarious send-up of music competitions (it’s been described as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets the Eurovision song contest). Heath takes us inside this intergalactic spectacle—and the many, many accents it required of him—on a special 2018 Best Audiobooks episode of our podcast, Behind the Mic.

“The tone was very familiar, so it mostly rolled off the tongue—I grew up with that kind of British humor.”—Narrator Heath Miller

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Juliet Stevenson

New Earphones Awards for Your Earphones

Juliet Stevenson
Joel Froomkin
Derek Perkins by Huw Jones

Talking about the Best Audiobooks of the Year can’t really be called a distraction, but for the last month we have given top priority to talking about these great titles. If somehow you missed checking the list—it’s still here. Meanwhile, new reviews keep rolling in—almost 50 reviews each week. SO many good audiobooks! Here are some recent Earphones Award winners that especially caught our attention. Read more…

Snowman Smile

5 Surprising Audiobooks to Make You Smile

Snowman SmileAs we count down the remaining days of December, I wish all of you a new year filled with unexpected moments of delight—the smile of a passing stranger; a tune that sends you shuffle-dancing down the supermarket aisle; learning that your favorite barista loves the same François Truffaut films you do; discovering the most amazing book at the library.

Take Susan Orlean’s THE LIBRARY BOOK, which I loved so much that I listened to it and then checked it out of the library and read it all over again. Ever since I was empowered by my own borrower’s card at age seven, libraries have been a source of intrigue, joy, solace, drama, and education. Orlean’s captivating nonfiction audiobook offers all that and more. Read by Orlean herself in an Earphones Award-winning performance, it is an investigation into who set the devastating 1986 Los Angeles Library fire, a look at the library’s occasionally wacky history, and a celebration of libraries (and library patrons) all their excess and weirdness. It’s not that I recognized myself in any of those oddball patrons. Oh no. Read more…

Romance Is About Family

Family by the fireWe’re wrapping up our 2018 romance audiobook journey with titles about family. More than likely, you’ve spent some part of the last week with some portion of your family. And, more than likely, you have mixed feelings about that! You’re thrilled to see them, you love their kids, but then you remember, they never show up on time for dinner and they don’t make the gravy/mashed potatoes/green bean casserole the way mom/grandma/Aunt Mary used to. Family is this inescapable gift of stress and aggravation that you wouldn’t trade for anything. So, in the spirit of surviving your time with family in the best way possible, enjoy some romances that feature family dynamics. Love your family and love ALL your 2018 listening. Read more…


Fiona Hardingham on THE LONG-LOST HOME

Fiona Hardingham by Luke Fontana

Fiona Hardingham narrates THE LONG-LOST HOME, the final audiobook in Maryrose Wood’s The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series, with exuberance, charm, and impeccable timing. As our guest on AudioFile’s podcast, she discusses the special preparation she put into this audiobook, one of our 2018 Best Audiobooks for Children & Family Listening.

And for more on The Incorrigible Children, check out our special bonus interview with author Maryrose Wood .

“It’s very action-packed and full of heart.”—Narrator Fiona Hardingham

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