Nancy Wu

Narrator Nancy Wu on The Majesties

Tiffany Tsao’s opulent thriller THE MAJESTIES captivates as it follows the fates of a Chinese Indonesian family living in Jakarta. In the video below, narrator Nancy Wu explains her personal connections to this saga.

“It was fascinating and rare to get to see the world of my mother’s childhood brought to life in really rich detail.”—Narrator Nancy Wu

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5 Questions with Tavia Gilbert

5 Questions with Narrator Tavia Gilbert

5 Questions with Tavia Gilbert

Help me give a big welcome to award-winning narrator Tavia Gilbert, my guest for today’s Take 5 post. Like many of you, I’m a big fan of Tavia’s work, and I especially appreciate her characterizations and the way she can draw me into a story. I can always count on Tavia to enhance the excitement of action scenes while also finding the emotional heart of the characters, no matter the genre.

Before I introduce you to some of Tavia’s more recent solo performances, I can’t help but mention two don’t-miss multi-cast audiobooks that feature her voice. If you’re looking for something to listen to with your family, then you simply must pick the latest audio edition of CHARLOTTE’S WEB, with its all-star cast. You’ll love the way Tavia voices the barnyard geese. For some needed escapist listening, give THE BOOK CHARMER a try. In this sweet, small-town story, Tavia highlights a young woman’s blossoming from guarded loner into loving aunt and friend. Read more…

Historical Crime Audiobooks

Historical Crime Audiobooks Featuring Strong Women Protagonists

Historical Crime Audiobooks

Corona Craziness surrounds us. I can’t minimize the anxiety it’s raising for our health, our economy, our wonderful way of life. But if you are in need of, or open to, a bit of distraction as you are social distancing or self-isolating, you might consider some of these fine audiobooks. In celebration of March as Women’s History Month (as opposed to when our worlds turned upside down month), I offer you several audiobooks that are the latest additions to wonderful historical crime series featuring strong women protagonists. Read more…

11 Kids Audiobook Biographies of Female Leaders and Heroes

11 Kids’ Audiobook Biographies of Female Leaders and Heroes

11 Kids Audiobook Biographies of Female Leaders and Heroes

I am celebrating Women’s History Month this year with a bunch of new audiobooks celebrating female trailblazers. These are women who bravely spoke truth to power, who didn’t listen to their critics — internal or external — and who dared to achieve what seemed impossible. Listen and be inspiried by these women who blazed trails for themselves, for other women, and for all of us. Read more…

Opposites Attract 4 Romance Audiobooks that Zing

Opposites Attract: 4 Romance Audiobooks with Zing

Opposites Attract 4 Romance Audiobooks with Zing

“Opposites attract” is a trope for a reason—clashing personalities and situations where sparks fly are exciting and full of potential. Let’s dive into some new super-fun romances where opposites do, in fact, attract. Read more…