Self: The Book of Human Emotions

Can we find the words for all the emotions we feel? AudioFile goes Behind the Mic with narrator Suzanne Toren to hear about her experience narrating THE BOOK OF HUMAN EMOTIONS.

“In the 21st century we tend to think of emotions as being fundamental to our humanness, cross-culturally.” —Narrator Suzanne Toren

The Book of Human Emotions

Tiffany Watt Smith, read by Suzanne Toren
Hachette Audio
Earphones Award Winner

With a subtitle like this: From Ambiguphobia to Umpty—154 Words from Around the World for How We Feel, THE BOOK OF HUMAN EMOTIONS is one audiobook everyone will want to give a listen. Narrator Suzanne Toren makes us curious from the get-go as we learn about the evolution of the words for emotions. Listen to a sound clip of Suzanne and read our full review here!

Suzanne Toren
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Behind the Mic: Cruel Beautiful World

AudioFile goes Behind the Mic with narrator Xe (pronounced “EK-see”) Sands to tell us about her experience narrating Caroline Leavitt’s CRUEL BEAUTIFUL WORLD.

“What happens when beloved characters make choices that have tragic, even unforeseen consequences?”—Narrator Xe Sands

Cruel Beautiful World

by Caroline Leavitt, read by Xe Sands
HighBridge Audio
Earphones Award Winner

When a high-profile book is brilliantly channeled through audiobook performance, it’s a gift for listeners. Our reviewer calls CRUEL BEAUTIFUL WORLD “an audiobook lover’s dream.” Xe tells us how she invested in the emotions of Caroline Leavitt’s characters. Listeners will as well. Listen to a sound clip of Xe and read our full review here!

Xe Sands
Photo by Charles Tarnowski Photography

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Tease: November Hot Picks

This month’s picks go from sweet to steamy and include some of our favorite authors and narrators. Good luck choosing just one!

DragonmarkDRAGONMARK: Dark-Hunter, book 27
Sherrilyn Kenyon, read by Holter Graham
Brilliance Audio

Betrayal and passion mix when dragon Illarion and human Edilyn meet.

Linda Howard and Linda Jones, read by Abby Craden
Harper Audio

Conflicting magical missions make Lenna and Caine’s unwilling attraction deliciously complicated.

Erin Knightley, read by Courtney Patterson
Hachette Audio

Opposites attract as rodeo champ Tanner Callen falls for city slicker Madeline Harper.

Christine Feehan, read by Jim Frangione
Recorded Books

Hunted by a murderer, Francesca seeks refuge and protection from the Ferraro crime family and their unusual abilities.

Sweet Little LiesSWEET LITTLE LIES: Heartbreaker Bay, Book 1
Jill Shalvis, read by Karen White
Harper Audio

Pru’s secrets may ruin her relationship with pub proprietor Finn O’Riley.

Twelve Days of ChristmasTWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS
Debbie Macomber, read by Suzanne Elise Freeman
Random House Audio

Julia starts a Christmas blog chronicling her efforts to befriend her curmudgeonly neighbor, Cain.

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Solve: Cry of Thunder

AudioFile goes Behind the Mic with narrator Johnny Heller to hear about Kolchak: The Night Stalker doing a little time-travel and getting wrapped up with Sherlock Holmes. CRY OF THUNDER: Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak the Night Stalker piques our curiosity—before the X-Files there was Kolchak.

“Kolchak, the hardened newspaper reporter, investigates crimes and events that law enforcement doesn’t want because they have, at their heart, the supernatural.”—Narrator Johnny Heller


CRY OF THUNDER: Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak the Night Stalker
Joe Gentile, Read by Johnny Heller
Blackstone Audio

Johnny Heller has a ball with the characters—from crime reporter Kolchak to Holmes and Watson and somehow looping in cowboys of the American West. Read our full review here!

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Self: Frientimacy

Women’s friendships are the key to everything. Shasta Nelson’s advice begins with a description of intimacy that will resonate with everyone. Narrator Robin Eller makes us believe it.

Shasta Nelson, read by Robin Eller
Vibrance Press
AudioFile Earphones Award

Explore the impact of friendship on our health and happiness. Shasta notes, “With the constant connectivity of today’s world, it’s never been easier to meet people and make new friends—but it’s never been harder to form meaningful friendships.” Robin Eller gives listeners a deeply-connected audio performance. Listen to a sound clip of Robin and read our full review here!

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