Grateful to AudioFile’s Blog Team

The Editors of this AudioFile blog are a busy lot. Over the last 16 months we have added contributing editors to 8 ongoing categories within the blog. Thanks to master scheduler Emily Connelly, we publish 5 articles each week covering topics that include lists, videos, profiles, and opinion pieces. Our audience has grown exponentially. At this time of year, I’m particularly giving thanks for many personal blessings—family and friends—but also for the amazing editors and writers who work on this AudioFile blog, and for all of you blog readers! Here’s to discovering and sharing more great audiobooks. Read more…

Cassandra Campbell

Five Questions with Cassandra Campbell

Cassandra CampbellI would recognize the voice of today’s Take 5 guest anywhere, because Cassandra Campbell has been my virtual companion many, many times over the years. Have you ever noticed how some narrators are tapped for all the audiobooks you love to listen to? Cassandra and I seem to have that kind of relationship.

I count on Cassandra’s calm, soothing voice to envelop the emotional heart of an audiobook, connecting me to the story no matter the intended audience or genre, including middle-grade fantasy (THE GLASS SENTENCE) and literary short stories (YOU KNOW WHEN THE MEN ARE GONE).

The audiobooks I feature here demonstrate the range of Cassandra’s solo work. I tried to limit my choices to books published this year, but I couldn’t resist sneaking in a couple of older titles. Read more…

10 Road Trip Audiobooks

10 Road Trip Audiobooks the Whole Family Will Enjoy

10 Road Trip Audiobooks

If a road trip is in your Thanksgiving plans, pack some audiobooks to keep everyone entertained in the car. Choosing from a mix of classic favorites and new titles, I picked these because they are extra-special on audio and have wide appeal for kids and adults. My favorite thing about listening to audiobooks with kids in the car is the priceless connection that can come from experiencing a good story together. I hope that listening to one or more of these audiobooks will become a treasured memory from your Thanksgiving trip. Safe travels and happy listening! Read more…


A Season to be Thankful—And Yes, That Includes Audiobooks

The Punishment She DeservesI know I’m dating myself, but I got hooked on audiobooks when I put cassette tapes into my “Walkman” and had to turn them over after 30 minutes to listen to the other side. I am a grateful witness to the evolution of audiobooks in the digital age that allows me to listen to Elizabeth George’s THE PUNISHMENT SHE DESERVES—and just to have narrator Simon Vance’s voice in my head for 22.75 hours—without having to pause to switch over a single cassette. Read more…

Influenza Pandemic Mortality in 1918 1919

Staying Healthy in Our Time

Influenza Pandemic Mortality in 1918 1919Did you know that the flu pandemic of a century ago killed more worldwide than World War I did? At a time when Americans are being urged to get annual flu shots and are making decisions about health insurance enrollment, audiobooks can help us learn about the history of the flu—and help us to better appreciate those working to forestall another pandemic.

Read more…