A Boy Called Bat

7 Kids’ Audiobooks About Autism

A Boy Called BatAs the step-parent of an autistic boy, I understand firsthand the challenges—and joys—of living with someone on the autism spectrum, and I often worry that neurotypical people will not recognize his kind heart and amazing mind. These audiobooks show autism from many different perspectives and offer opportunities for families to listen together and learn about understanding and accepting the neurodiversity of all people. Read more…

San Francisco through my hotel window

Explore Colorado, Arizona, and California with Mystery Audiobooks from Out West

San Francisco through my hotel window
San Francisco through my hotel window

Having traveled this past week to Denver and San Francisco, I thought I’d share some of my favorite mystery/thriller audiobooks that revel in the color, the light, and the landscape of the western United States.

Since my trip started in Colorado, I want to highlight Stephen White’s Dr. Alan Gregory series. The final book (number 20), COMPOUND FRACTURES, is narrated by Golden Voice Dick Hill, who performed many of the books in the series. I must confess, however, that my favorite in the series is THE PROGRAM, narrated by Earphones Award Winner Sandra Burr. The books feature Boulder, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies, as the backdrop for the serious crime solving and ethical struggles of psychologist Alan Gregory and his sometimes friend, police detective Sam Purdy. I was sorry to have the series end, but Dick Hill’s performance of the dramatic conclusion seemed like a good way to close the book on this one. Read more…

Anthony Rey Perez

Finding the Heart of Bill Konigsberg’s New YA Audiobook with Narrator Anthony Rey Perez

In Bill Konigsberg’s latest novel for teens, THE MUSIC OF WHAT HAPPENS, Max and Jordan meet by chance when Jordan and his mom are trying, and failing, to get their family food truck business going again. But Max needs a job, so he and Jordan spend their summer vacation working to to make the business a success—in hotter-than-hot Arizona. In the video below, Anthony Rey Perez, who performs from Max’s point of view, shares why this story of identity and authenticity appealed to him.

“What drew me to this story were the layers of in between. I love how the character I read, and all of the characters, aren’t the stereotypical idea of social normative, whether it be based on their culture or sexual identity.”—Narrator Anthony Rey Perez

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Here Is New York

On the Town in Spring: These Audiobooks will Make You a City Lover

Here Is New YorkSpringtime in the city.  Blue skies, warming temperatures, birds singing. I walk out without a hat, breathe deep, and inhale the pungent scent of aged dog poop revealed by melting snow. Urban life is full of surprises. Yet I love cities in spring, and, for that matter, in summer, fall, and winter. Herewith are a few of my favorite listens in which the city is a character.

E.B. White’s classic, HERE IS NEW YORK, may have been written about the great metropolis of the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s, but it remains a timeless, perfect love letter to an imperfect urban mistress. The audiobook begins with a cogent 1999 introduction written by White’s stepson, editor and writer Roger Angell, which brings the family reminiscences into a contemporary era. Narrator Malcolm Hillgartner reads the introduction and the all-too-brief stroll around the city in an endlessly listenable baritone that manages to be simultaneously rugged and refined.   Read more…

The Savior

3 Edgy New Romances that Are Even Better on Audio

The SaviorA paranormal, a romantic suspense, and a space opera (you’re welcome!). In the three new edgy romances below, our featured heroines are on top of their games, and our heroes are smoking hot. And how do we know this? Because our narrators are equally on top of their games and just as smoking hot! The combination of chills and thrills and that narrator-driven intimacy factor will remind you (as if you needed it) why audiobooks are the best way to experience your favorite stories. You’ll love this adrenaline-filled listening. Read more…