The Prague Sonata

Behind the Mic: The Prague Sonata

Narrator Christina Delaine takes AudioFile readers Behind the Mic for her narration of THE PRAGUE SONATA. Bradford Morrow’s moving novel tells of a mysterious musical score that connects two women across history.

“I loved these women. They are humbling and awe-inspiring. I miss hanging out with them—they were fine company to keep.”— Narrator Christina Delaine

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The Man on the Mountaintop

Robin’s Roundup: January 19 New audiobook reviews

The Man on the MountaintopLooking at some of the new audiobook reviews this week, I see a theme of personal journeys—some fictional and some biographical. In an original audio adaptation, Susan Trott’s THE HOLY MAN is transformed into a full cast performance as THE MAN ON THE MOUNTAINTOP. Headlining the cast of this pilgrims’ tale are British actor Toby Jones and Stanley Tucci, who said the project “blends parable, myth, and morality with powerful and thought-provoking storytelling.” 

At first, I confused Trott’s mountaintop and THE MOUNTAINTOP, the play by Katori Hall about Martin Luther King, Jr. This L.A. Theatre Works production is also an excellent listening experience, and a spiritual journey.  A memoir of a slightly different type of journey, AN ODYSSEY: A Father, a Son, and an Epic by Daniel Mendelsohn, is also reviewed this week. Narrator Bronson Pinchot  receives an Earphones Award for this memoir. Listening to even the briefest of sound clips lets you hear Bronson’s engaging style. Read more…

All American Boys

Take 5 with Candace: 5 Coretta Scott King Book Award Winners

As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday this week, we are reminded not only of the reverend’s work for the civil rights movement but also that his dream has not yet been realized in full. In 1970, the American Library Association introduced the Coretta Scott King Book Awards to remember Martin Luther King and to “honor his wife, Coretta Scott King, for her courage and determination to continue the work for peace and world brotherhood.”

All American BoysThe ALA presents the awards to middle grade and young adult books that are written or illustrated by African Americans and that feature black culture and history as well as general contemporary issues facing our youth.

Many of the Coretta Scott King Book Award winners and honorees are available as audiobooks and are perfect for family listening. The five titles featured in today’s Take 5 offer a mix of tween and teen audiobooks. All were honored by the ALA for their excellence, and our reviewers praised the narrators for their sensitive and engaging performances. Read more…

A Name Unknown

Tease: Uncovering History

If you’re a regular romance listener, you know you can learn a lot of history in romance novels. Sometimes I will produce some arcane fact to those unfortunate enough to be standing in my proximity and then triumphantly ask, “And how did I learn that? From a romance novel!” Good historical writers research and research and research. (Ahem. Outlander. Ahem. A Discovery of Witches. Just sayin’.) And in the audio format, with the right narrator, the historical framework sifts seamlessly through your consciousness. The narrator creates that realistic sense of place and time in a natural, entertaining way. They reduce the distance between the listener and a world with different cultural norms, clothing, and language patterns. So keep listening to those historical romances — you’re smarter for it!

by Roseanna M. White, narrated by Liz Pearce

Did you know that Britain sought out German sympathizers during World War I? I must admit, I would suspect that during World War II, but was fascinated by the historical details of the years leading up to the Great War found in this enjoyable historical by Roseanna M. White. A London thief posing as a librarian to suss out a spy? Sign me up! Narrator Liz Pearce switches from city London accents to countryside estate English. She makes the quiet, scholarly Peter Holstein seem romantic and dignified and brings all the minor characters to life. I really liked this author/narrator pairing, and I bet you will, too. Read more…

Nic Stone by Nigel Livingstone

The Download: In conversation with YA author Nic Stone and Dion Graham

Nic Stone by Nigel Livingstone
Photo by Nigel Livingstone

Listen in to the engaging conversation between author Nic Stone and narrator Dion Graham for insights on the writing and recording of the captivating DEAR MARTIN. Stone’s moving young adult audiobook allows listeners to reflect on the trauma and impacts of racial profiling as her characters ask the questions we would in their situations.

“The best way to reach young people through literature is to reflect actual young people who mess up, who do good, who do bad, who have good things that they are a part of, who maybe have some things that they shouldn’t be a part of.”—Author Nic Stone

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