Self: Frientimacy

Women’s friendships are the key to everything. Shasta Nelson’s advice begins with a description of intimacy that will resonate with everyone. Narrator Robin Eller makes us believe it.

Shasta Nelson, read by Robin Eller
Vibrance Press
AudioFile Earphones Award

Explore the impact of friendship on our health and happiness. Shasta notes, “With the constant connectivity of today’s world, it’s never been easier to meet people and make new friends—but it’s never been harder to form meaningful friendships.” Robin Eller gives listeners a deeply-connected audio performance. Listen to a sound clip of Robin and read our full review here!

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Behind the Mic: Grayling’s Song

We know that narrator Katherine Kellgren can weave spells with her versatile voice and her prodigious narration talents. As AudioFile goes Behind the Mic, we learn about another of Katherine’s gifts when she recorded Karen Cushman’s GRAYLING’S SONG.

“Karen Cushman loves to have music in her books . . . We agreed that I would write all the melodies for Grayling’s songs.”—Narrator Katherine Kellgren

Grayling's Song

by Karen Cushman, read by Katherine Kellgren
Recorded Books
Earphones Award Winner

AudioFile Editors knew the combination of Karen Cushman and Katherine Kellgren would again create terrific listening. Celebrated Cushman titles ALCHEMY AND MEGGIE SWANWILL SPARROW’S ROAD and now GRAYLING’S SONG make a trifecta of song, history, magic, and memorable characters. Listen to a sound clip of Katherine and read our full review here!

Katherine Kellgren
Photo: Jo Anna Perrin

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Best Audiobooks 2016AudioFile
2016 Best Audiobooks
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Davina Porter: The voice behind the Outlander series

AudioFile Magazine spoke with Davina Porter, narrator of the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, published by Recorded Books.

photo by Jo Anna Perrin

Golden Voice narrator Davina Porter has performed not only the entire Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, but also other fantasy classics including many of Marion Zimmer Bradley Avalon audiobooks, and Erika Johansen’s widely praised THE INVASION OF THE TEARLING.  Davina’s audiobook work includes titles ranging from classics to mystery to philosophy, with an enduring thread of splendid fantasy audiobooks.

Diana Gabaldon, read by Davina Porter
Recorded Books

AudioFile’s exclusive interview with narrator Davina Porter:

Davina Porter: Hullo, I’m Davina Porter, and have had the fun and privilege of narrating the entire Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, from the initial book up to the latest one, WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD.

AudioFile: What background do you bring to the Outlander series?
I was born and raised in England, my father was English, a true “Londoner” (read Cockney!), and my mother was born in St. Andrews, Scotland. Two accents under my belt! I am married to a Glasgow-born Scot, more diversity. Being a product of my background, I am very familiar with the English and Scottish way of life, and all its foibles!

AF: How do you keep the characters and their accents straight?
DP: I keep the characters and accents straight by making rather scruffy lists in various notebooks, but as they are so well written, they come alive and stay in my memory.

AF: Have you ever visited the Scottish Highlands?
DP: I have visited the Highlands. Quite beautiful, unspoiled, and very mysterious. However, they can turn on the visitor in the summer because of the midges. Mosquitoes have nothing on these little pests!

AF: Is there one favorite character you love to perform? 
DP: My favorite character is Claire. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, I AM Claire!!!!

AF: What was the biggest challenge in narrating the time-travel sequences?
DP: There really isn’t  a challenge narrating the time travel sequences; I love history, and having visited Scotland, lived in London and four years in Paris, it is easy to put oneself in those cities and countries, and when voicing the characters, to keep them true to the morals and mores of their times.

Tease: The Chemist

Okay, Twilight fans. She’s back. And there aren’t any vampires, but it doesn’t matter — narrator Ellen Archer will have your hair standing on end anyway. Archer introduces Stephenie Meyer’s unlikely couple: a woman who can get a man to do anything — using her lethal stash of chemicals — and the man who has the information she’d die to know. Further essential information: There’s a genius dog in the story. Need I say more?

The Chemist

by Stephenie Meyer, read by Ellen Archer
Hachette Audio
Earphones Award Winner

If you have ever avoided pressing the play button for fear a favorite character won’t survive the chapter, THE CHEMIST is not going to be a comfortable listening experience. Ellen soon signals that Meyer’s characters are on borrowed time. Pack your go bag and enter Meyer’s breathless romantic suspense. Listen to a sound clip and read our full review here!

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2016 Best Audiobooks
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Solve: Elections

If the 2016 election has created more than enough mystery for you, think about indulging in some audiobook mysteries about elections. Ross Thomas is one of my favorite writers whose mysteries often have a thick topping of satire spread over the dirty tricks and gamesmanship. THE PORKCHOPPERS narrated by Brian Hopsopple and The SEERSUCKER WHIPSAW narrated by R.C. Bray are Ross Thomas titles to get you started.


Who better to take charge of an election than Tom Clancy? The legendary Jack Ryan is performed by Lou Diamond Phillips in LOCKED ON.


Thriller writer Richard North Patterson has an election in his sights in both THE RACE narrated by Michael Boatman and ECLIPSE read by Peter Francis James.

The Race

Some of these election mysteries I just have to include because of their titles. What about these odds—the first female sheriff of Arizona! Listen how it comes out in TOMBSTONE COURAGE, one of J.A. Jance’s Joanna Brady mysteries nicely narrated by Hillary Huber. CAPITOL CONSPIRACY by William Bernhardt, read by Stephen Hoye, gets an AudioFile Earphones Award.

Capitol Conspiracy

And if listeners want more, Janet Rudolf, in her blog Mystery Fanfare, posted a terrific list of “Presidential Crime Fiction” in November 2012. I see many others available as audiobooks!

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