Audiobooks for Carolina Low Country: The Prince of Tides and Crawdads

If I mention THE PRINCE OF TIDES, do you think of Barbra Streisand, or do you think of the audiobook by Pat Conroy and narrated by the iconic Frank Muller? If you’ve been listening to audiobooks for a while, Frank’s THE PRINCE OF TIDES may be right there in your lifetime “best” list. It is in mine—and I’ve just been in tides territory—Dewees Island, South Carolina. It is also crawdads country, so to get ready for my trip I also listened to Cassandra Campbell narrate Delia Owens’s WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING. Read more…

Mark Bramhall

5 Questions with Mark Bramhall

Mark BramhallToday’s guest here at Take 5 created a problem for me, though it wasn’t anything the delightful Mark Bramhall did. The fault lies with the fact that I was forced to restrict my overview of his incredible range of work as an audiobook narrator to only five titles. What’s a fan to do? (Hint: I cheated a little!)

Mark’s rich voice and thoughtful characterizations have accompanied me through some of my favorite fiction (like EVERYBODY’S FOOL) and have increased my enjoyment of history and biography (don’t miss GRANT). His performances of thrillers keep me on the edge of my seat, and when it comes to connecting me emotionally to a novel . . . well, let’s just say I keep the tissues handy. (See how I worked additional audiobooks into this post?!)

Whatever your preferred listening genre (fantasy to politics) or target audience (children to adult), you’ll have your choice of recommended Mark Bramhall-narrated audiobooks. Here are five to get you started. Read more…

The Ruin

St. Patrick’s Day Every Day: 6 Irish Mysteries

Oscar Wilde and Ellen Quint in Dublin
Oscar Wilde and Ellen Quint in Dublin

While St. Patrick’s Day gives us just one day to focus on all things Irish, I would need years to explore the wonderful bounty that is the world of mysteries that take place on the Emerald Isle. But what a delightful assignment that would be.  Delving into the world of Irish mysteries takes me back to my last trip to Ireland where I got to explore Dublin while listening to audiobooks. Catch this picture of me with the one and only Oscar Wilde.

Ireland has a rich history of oral storytelling, which makes these mysteries so well-suited for audiobooks. The stories are atmospheric and complex with multi-layered characters, and the narrators enchant with charming Irish lilts, making for a captivating listening experience. Read more…

Suzy Jackson on Brandon Sanderson’s Skyward

Narrator Suzy Jackson is an exceptional match for this high-stakes, battle-driven space opera—the first installment in a new YA series from author Brandon Sanderson. Suzy inhabits the brave, strong, fierce female protagonist in SKYWARD, and while she was recording, Suzy was captivated by the layers of world-building in Sanderson’s high-octane futuristic narrative of hope, sacrifice, and courage.

“The adventure of it was so exciting that I would come home every night after recording and tell my two young boys what had happened.”—Narrator Suzy Jackson

Read more…

Bahni Turpin for Audiobook of the Year

It’s Official — YA Rocks (In 6 Audiobooks)

Bahni Turpin for Audiobook of the Year
Narrator Bahni Turpin

We adults who love YA titles used to be hesitant to reveal our passion, lest other adults recoil in literary-fiction-horror. But no longer. Bahni Turpin’s amazing performance of CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE, a YA fantasy by Tomi Adeyemi, took the top prize — Best Audiobook — at the 2019 Audie Awards. AudioFile had already given Turpin an Earphones Award for her riveting rendition of the fierce tale about three teenagers who must return magic to an African kingdom from which it has been stolen. Do not miss Turpin’s singing of Yoruba incantations. Read more…