Behind the Mic: The Last Days of Night

It’s not hard to explain why the race to produce a workable lightbulb makes this audiobook a gripping historical novel. AudioFile goes Behind the Mic with narrator Johnathan McClain and author Graham Moore to talk about THE LAST DAYS OF NIGHT.

“It was the miracle of electric light that allowed this audiobook to be read for all of you.”—Johnathan McClain

Last Days of Night
Graham Moore, read by Johnathan McClain
Random House Audio
Earphones Award Winner

We love to hear audiobooks that have real historical characters. Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and Nikola Tesla are a few that make an appearance here. Johnathan McClain was involved throughout the creation of the novel—even before he got in the recording booth. Listen to a sound clip of Johnathan and read our full review here!

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Tease: Do You Want to Start a Scandal?

I’m not sure if I want to start a scandal, but after listening to Dare’s latest, DO YOU WANT TO START A SCANDAL, I’m feeling the urge to go full-on backlist and listen to the entire Spindle Cove series from the beginning, thanks to narrator Carmen Rose. She strikes the right balance of aristocratic British courtship and a heroine with some more modern ideas of marriage as a partnership. Sneaky humor kept it from being formulaic — now I want to meet Dare’s other heroines!

Tessa Dare, read by Carmen Rose

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Solve: Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d

We want this Solve to have a bit of a light touch, and Flavia de Luce always makes us smile. AudioFile is Behind the Mic with narrator Jayne Entwistle. She knows 12-year-old Flavia, the terror of Buckshaw, better than the rest of us.

“From one Flavia fan to another, who’s with me?” —Narrator Jayne Entwistle

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd

by Alan Bradley, read by Jayne Entwistle
Random House Audio

Audio is the perfect format to enjoy Flavia de Luce. Narrator Jayne Entwistle can capture all the characters who populate Alan Bradley’s entertaining series, as well as Flavia’s passions—poisons and graveyards. One more thing we love is how author Bradley describes her escapades: “Flavia brings to light mysteries that everyone else wishes had been left buried.” Listen to a sound clip of Jayne and read our full review here!

Jayne Entwistle

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Self: The Book of Human Emotions

Can we find the words for all the emotions we feel? AudioFile goes Behind the Mic with narrator Suzanne Toren to hear about her experience narrating THE BOOK OF HUMAN EMOTIONS.

“In the 21st century we tend to think of emotions as being fundamental to our humanness, cross-culturally.” —Narrator Suzanne Toren

The Book of Human Emotions

Tiffany Watt Smith, read by Suzanne Toren
Hachette Audio
Earphones Award Winner

With a subtitle like this: From Ambiguphobia to Umpty—154 Words from Around the World for How We Feel, THE BOOK OF HUMAN EMOTIONS is one audiobook everyone will want to give a listen. Narrator Suzanne Toren makes us curious from the get-go as we learn about the evolution of the words for emotions. Listen to a sound clip of Suzanne and read our full review here!

Suzanne Toren
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Behind the Mic: Cruel Beautiful World

AudioFile goes Behind the Mic with narrator Xe (pronounced “EK-see”) Sands to tell us about her experience narrating Caroline Leavitt’s CRUEL BEAUTIFUL WORLD.

“What happens when beloved characters make choices that have tragic, even unforeseen consequences?”—Narrator Xe Sands

Cruel Beautiful World

by Caroline Leavitt, read by Xe Sands
HighBridge Audio
Earphones Award Winner

When a high-profile book is brilliantly channeled through audiobook performance, it’s a gift for listeners. Our reviewer calls CRUEL BEAUTIFUL WORLD “an audiobook lover’s dream.” Xe tells us how she invested in the emotions of Caroline Leavitt’s characters. Listeners will as well. Listen to a sound clip of Xe and read our full review here!

Xe Sands
Photo by Charles Tarnowski Photography

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