Take 5 with Candace: Pi Day

Celebrating Pi Day with pastries, pizza, and plenty of audiobooks

How To Bake PiHappy Pi Day (or for some of us, Pie Day)! Okay, so you know about the Ides of March and St. Patrick’s Day and the Spring Equinox (all March events), but what’s with Pi Day?

Remember your high school geometry class? Pi (π) is used in the formula that determines the circumference of a circle.  So what does that have to do with March 14? Pi is equal to 3.14 (followed by a bunch of other numbers). Get it? 3.14 = March 14.

Even though I actually do use geometry in my real life (you were right, Mr. High School Math Teacher), I much prefer to celebrate my Pi Day as Pie Day. I’m always up for yummy fruit or nuts baked in a flaky crust, perfect for breakfast or a late-night snack.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society

No surprise that the first audiobook I thought of for celebrating Pie Day was THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows and read by a cast of five stellar narrators. March is the perfect time to listen to this engaging World War II story because the novel is just about to make its debut on the silver screen. The book, which is told from several viewpoints—thus the variety of narrators—gives us an idea of what life was like on the little island during the German occupation. The story is both charming and a little heartbreaking.

The Pigeon Pie Mystery

I admit I was taken in by the absolutely delightful cover of THE PIGEON PIE MYSTERY by Julia Stuart and read by Hannah Curtis. Fortunately, the artwork isn’t the only thing the audiobook has going for it. Set in Queen Victoria’s court, this cozy mystery will have you looking at your next savory pie with a skeptical eye, but you’ll love getting to know the quirky characters, the impoverished princess sleuth, and the hapless cook who is unfairly blamed for the murder. Curtis’s performance is upper crust.

So how about an audiobook for you crazy mathematicians with your awesome sense of humor? Try HOW TO BAKE PI (ha!) by Eugenia Cheng and read by Tavia Gilbert. This audiobook will get you into the kitchen to learn about mathematical concepts while whipping up something good to eat. Apparently, math and recipes have more in common than most us would have ever guessed. Gilbert picks up on the author’s enthusiasm and makes it easy as pie (groan!) to brush up on your calculations.

Pi in the Sky

Pi Day can be fun for listeners of all ages—or even for the whole family. PI IN THE SKY by Wendy Mass and read by Mark Turetsky is a middle-grade outer-space adventure in which a young boy must rescue his best friend, save a girl, and find Earth (which has gone missing). Turetsky’s great characterizations and enthusiasm bring the story alive. After finishing this audiobook, your young listener may start dreaming of becoming a scientist.

Slice Harvester

Don’t like math? Not a sweet eater? No problem. You can still celebrate Pi Day, you just need to think outside the box! SLICE HARVESTER read by Roger Wayne introduces us to author Colin Atrophy Hagendorf, who set out to eat a slice of pizza pie from every pizza joint (high end and low) on the island of Manhattan. Of course, this is more than a food guide and more than a memoir: The audiobook gives us a unique view of New York, and we learn how a seemingly wild idea gave the author the foundation to turn his life around.

Pi, pie, or pizza pie? How are you going to celebrate Pi Day?

Candace Levy
Candace is a full-time freelance book editor as well as a book reviewer and journalist. When she’s not working, you'll inevitably find her listening to an audiobook while cooking, walking, making lace, or taking photographs. She was honored to be the 2016 Audio Publishers Association's Audiobook Blogger of the Year.

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  1. I love Pi,all math really, and I also love Pie. Thanks for the book suggestions. I want to read The Pigeon Pie Mystery and Slice Harvester.

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