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Who is AudioFile?

Audiobooks are Our Passion

Meet the Team

Robin F. Whitten, Editor/Founder Robin Whitten, Editor & Founder Favorite Audiobook : THE GOLDEN COMPASS by Philip Pullman, read by a full cast

As editor and founder of AudioFile Magazine, Robin is passionate about audiobooks and the magic of the listening experience. She started AudioFile 27 years ago, starting out as an avid listener.

Michele Cobb, Publisher Michele Cobb, Publisher Favorite Audiobook : BLINDNESS by Jose Saramago, narrated by Jonathan Davis

Michele is such a fan of audiobooks she wears many hats in the industry including Publisher of AudioFile Magazine. She regularly travels around the globe talking about the growth of the format.

Jennifer Dowell Jennifer Dowell, Managing Editor Favorite Audiobook : THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE by Mackenzi Lee, read by Christian Coulson

Jenn has been with AudioFile for 20 years. She enjoys the challenge of selecting the best audiobooks to highlight in the magazine and in AudioFile’s newsletters. Her favorite time to listen is while she knits.

Elizabeth Dodge Elizabeth Dodge, Review Editor Favorite Audiobook : LOST LIGHT by Michael Connelly, ready by Len Cariou

As Review Editor, Elizabeth has edited all 40,000-plus audiobook reviews in AudioFile's archive. One of the best parts of her work is being among the first to hear about great new audiobooks.

Emily Connelly Emily Connelly, Assistant Editor Favorite Audiobook : THE FIFTH SEASON by N.K. Jemisin, read by Robin Miles

As an Assistant Editor at AudioFile, and librarian sub, Emily spends a lot of time surrounded by good literature. She enjoys managing AudioFile’s blog and podcast and discovering new audiobooks to love.

Francisca Goldsmith Francisca Goldsmith, Social Media Editor Favorite Audiobook : TRENTON MAKES by Tadzio Koelb, read by Mozhan Marno

Francisca has worked in public, school, and academic libraries. She’s worked with audiobooks and listeners for the past 20 years and has a passion for connecting communities to information and supporting new Americans.

Jen Steele Jen Steele, Production Manager Favorite Audiobook : START WHERE YOU ARE: A Guide to Compassionate Living Pema Chödrön, Narrated by: Joanna Rotte

Jen is the production manager at AudioFile, a freelance graphic designer and part-time library sub. She loves listing to audiobooks, and her favorite genres are Personal Growth and Memoir & Biography.

Jessica Lockhart Jessica Lockhart, Podcast Producer Favorite Audiobook : PRUDENCE by David Treuer, read by Chris Patton

Jessica is all about audio. She produces Audiofile’s Behind the Mic podcast, works at WMPG Community radio, and teaches audio classes at the University of Southern Maine. There’s nothing finer than diving into great sound!

Alisha Langerman Alisha Langerman, Editorial Assistant Favorite Audiobook : THE FEED by Nick Clark Windo, read by Clare Corbett and Nick Clark Windo

As an Editorial Assistant, Alisha receives and downloads new audiobooks, sends them to reviewers, and makes sound clips for the website. Needless to say, she is constantly discovering books for her must-listen list!

Joanne Simoneau Joanne Simoneau, Editorial Assistant Favorite Audiobook : THE ENGLISH SPY by Daniel Silva, narrated by George Guidall

As Editorial Assistant, Joanne enters all the data about audiobooks we review into our database. She is also a community college librarian and knits sweaters while she listens.

Carver Carver Arena, Digital Associate Favorite Audiobook : LIGHT IN AUGUST by William Faulkner, read by Will Patton

As the Digital Associate, Carver spends much of their time in contact with publishers and narrators helping facilitate easy and clear communication from one end to the other.

Contributing Editors

Caitlin Augusta Caitlin Augusta, Contributing Editor Favorite Audiobook : A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES by Deborah Harkness, read by Jennifer Ikeda

Caitlin is a librarian from Connecticut, Audies judge, and has reviewed audiobooks for AudioFile since 2006. She loves the variety of memorable characters, talented narrators, and happy endings found in romance audio.

Sonja Cole Sonja Cole, Contributing Editor Favorite Audiobook : MERCI SUÁREZ CHANGES GEARS by Meg Medina, read by Frankie Corzo

As a former middle school librarian and author of Booktalking Around the World: Great Global Reads for Ages 9-14, Sonja’s mission is to get kids excited about books. Sonja writes for AudioFile on children’s audiobooks.

Sharon Grover Sharon Grover, Contributing Editor Favorite Audiobook : SADIE by Courtney Summers, narrated by a full cast

Sharon is a Youth Services and Audiobook Literacy Consultant based in Janesville, WI. Sharon has collaborated on AudioFile’s Kids & Teens since its inception. Sharon’s book Listening to Learn was published in 2011.

S.J. Henschel S.J. Henschel, Contributing Editor Favorite Audiobook : NEVER LET ME GO by Kazuo Ishiguro, read by Rosalyn Landor

Sandi is in her 18th year for AudioFile magazine. She has interviewed some of her favorite narrators and authors, and has reviewed a staggering number of audiobooks. Sandi reads reviews from AudioFile on Reachout Radio.

Ellen Quint Ellen Quint, Contributing Editor Favorite Audiobook : FINGER LICKIN’ FIFTEEN by Janet Evanovitch

Ellen brings a love for and deep knowledge of mysteries to her writing for AudioFile. Ellen is an audiobook reviewer, mystery writer, and Audies judge and the current program chair of Sisters in Crime-NY.

Candace Levy Candace Levy, Contributing Editor Favorite Audiobook : HOW LONG ‘TIL BLACK FUTURE MONTH by N.K. Jemisin, read by Gail Nelson-Holgate, Shayna Small, Robin Ray Eller, Ron Butler, Kevin Stillwell, Je Nie Fleming, Jeanette Illidge

Candace is a freelance book editor, book reviewer, and journalist. When she’s not working, you'll find her listening to an audiobook. She was honored to be the 2016 Audio Publishers Association's Audiobook Blogger of the Year.

Tom Walken Tom Walken, Contributing Editor Favorite Audiobook : HYPERFOCUS by Chris Bailey

Tom has spent most of his professional life in clinical psychology. Reviewing audiobooks for more than two decades has exposed him to great thinkers and helped him grow and connect with others.

Josephine Reed Josephine Reed, Podcast Host Favorite Audiobook : HIS DARK MATERIALS TRILOGY by Philip Pullman, performed by a full cast

Jo is a compulsive audiobook listener. She was the program director of the book and theater channel on XM Satellite Radio and she created, produced, and hosted This is Audible, Writers on Writing, and On the Margin for WPFW.

Aurelia Scott Aurelia Scott, Contributing Editor Favorite Audiobook : EXIT STRATEGY by Martha Wells, read by Kevin R. Free

As a contributing editor at AudioFile, Aurelia has reviewed many audiobooks over the years—and interviewed many authors and narrators about their audiobooks. She’s an author herself and a devoted listener with wide-ranging literary tastes.

Laura Sackton Laura Sackton, Contributing Editor Favorite Audiobook : SHARKS IN THE TIME OF SAVIORS by Kawai Strong Washburn, read by Jolene Kim, Kaleo Griffith, G.K. Bowes, Tui Asau

Laura Sackton is a queer book nerd and avid baker based in rural Massachusetts. She came to audiobooks late in her reading life, but now she can't imagine living without them. She listens to books in every genre, but has a particular passion for queer lit, contemporary essay collections, and memoirs read by the author.

Our Helpers

Bella Bella, Administrator of Cuteness

Bella is our sweet greeter who keeps an eye out for visitors, and treats. She is the fifth resident Airedale at AudioFile and Whitten Architects..

Finlay Finlay, Resident Very Good Boy

Finlay the beagle was born in Newfoundland and is happy to now call Maine his home. He enjoys long naps on the couch with his family and a good walk—with plenty of stops to sniff along the way.

AudioFile Reviewers

AudioFile reviewers are professionals in the information, education, and performance fields. Each issue of AudioFile lists the reviewers of the month's titles. All reviews are signed.

A.A. Allison Adams, Educator, ME A.A.H. Ash Holland, Bookshop Owner, ME A.B. Anna Broome, Audiophile, ME A.C. Arvyn Cerezo, Editor, Philippines A.C.P. Anne Cole Pierce, Audiophile, FL A.C.S. Aurelia C. Scott, Writer, ME A.D.M. Alan Minskoff, Educator, ID A.F. Adrienne Furness, Maplewood Community Library, NY A.G.H. Anita Horning, Audiophile, GA A.G.M. Andrew McKinley, Audiophile, MO A.M.G. Arlene Griffin, Librarian, Quebec A.H. Anne Hart, Writer, CA A.K. Amber Kelley, Audiophile, T A.K.R. Alex Richey, Librarian, ME A.L. Amanda Lyn, Audiophile, AZ A.L.C. Amanda Costello, Writer, NE A.L.H. Albert L. Holtz, Journalist, MI A.L.S.M. Amanda Murphy, Librarian, OH A.M. Ana G. Menchaca, Librarian, TX A.M.D. A.M. Dow, Educator, ME A.P.D. Ana Paula Duizith, Teacher, Brazil A.R. Ann Ritchie, Educator, MA A.R.F. Anthony Farina, Professor, FL A.S. Andrea Smith, Librarian, MN A.T.N. Andy Northrup, Librarian, OR A.W. Archa Wachowicz, Librarian, NY A.Z.W. Asher Wismer, Audiophile, ME  B.E.K. Bridget Keown, Audiophile, MA  B.E.S. Beth Settje, Audiophile, CT  B.G. Beth Gutcheon, Novelist, NY  B.H. Beth Henkes, Bookseller, WA  B.H.B. Brita H. Bonechi, Audiophile, ME  B.H.C. Benjamin Cheever, Novelist, NY  B.J.P. Bonnie J. Powell, Audiophile, NJ  B.D.J. Brad Jackson, Writer, UK  B.P. Brian Price, Producer, SD  B.T.D. Barbara Davis, Retired Educator, CT  B.X.M. Barry Miller, Librarian, TX  C.A. Caitlin Augusta, Librarian, CT  C.A.T. Catherine Thompson, Audiophile, UK  C.B.L. Candace B. Levy, Editor, PA  C.E.W Catherine Witmer, Writer, ON  C.F. Catherine Fithian, Librarian & Bookseller, CA  C.G. Carrie Griffin, Writer, PA  C.J.S. Christa Seeley, Editor, Quebec  C.M.A. Cathy Andronik, Teacher-Librarian, CT  C.R.A. Carolyn Angus, Librarian, CA  C.S. Christine Sharbrough, Librarian, TX  D.A.W. David A. Walton, Writer, PA D.B. Dan Bortolotti, Writer, ON D.C.O. Diana Orgain, Writer, CA  D.E.M. Dale E. McGarrigle, Writer, ME  D.G. Donna Gerardo, Bookseller, ME  D.G.P. Diane Gardner Premo, Librarian, NY  D.J. Dan Jarvis, Librarian, MA  D.J.B. Dan J. Bernard, Radio Producer, ME  D.J.M. Donna J. Miller, Journalist, OH  D.J.P. Dede Perkins, Writer, ME  D.J.S. Daniel J. Siegel, Audiophile, PA  D.L.G. Diana Granger, Librarian, WI D.L.M. Denise L. Marchionda, Writer, MA D.L.Y. Don Yarman, Librarian, OH  D.M.H. David M. Harris, Writer, TN  D.M.W. Danielle M. Walters, Writer, SC D.P.D. Denise Perry Donavin, Lincoln Township Public Library, MI  D.L.M. Denise L. Marchionda, Writer, MA D.P.M. Diane Monnier, Montgomery County Public Libraries, MD D.R.W. Don Wismer, Cary Memorial Library, ME  D.S. Dora Salm, Librarian, CT  D.T.H. Diana Tixier Herald, Librarian, CO  D.Z. Denise Zajkowski, Librarian, IL  E.A.B. Erin Broderick, Educator, MA E.A.N. Lizzie Nolan, Librarian, CA E.B. Elaine Barrie, Greenwich Library, CT  E.B.A. Erin Bunn Allen, Librarian, NC E.C. Emily Calkins, Librarian, WA E.D. Elena Dosil, Audiophile, Spain E.D.H. Eric Hunley, Writer, VA E.D.R. Eric Randall, Journalist, NY E.E. Elizabeth Ellis, Editor, IN E.E.C. Emily Connelly, AudioFile, ME  E.E.M. Ellen Myrick, Bookseller, TN  E.E.S. Elaine Sumner, Librarian, RI E.J.F. Elizabeth Fraser, Calgary Public Library, AB  E.J.S. Ellie Sapat, Audiophile, ME E.K. Elizabeth Kalmus, Audiophile, CA E.K.D. Elizabeth Dodge, AudioFile, ME E.N. Elizabeth Nelson, Librarian, IL E.M.C. Emily Childress-Campbell, Librarian, NC  E.M.U. Erin Underwood, Writer & Editor, MA E.P. Emily Pykare, Librarian, OH E.Q. Ellen Quint, Writer, NY  E.R.F. Elizabeth Fox, Librarian, SD  E.S. Erica Silverman, Writer, CA  F.C. Federico Cheever, Educator, CO*  F.G. Frederick Greenhalgh, Writer-Producer, ME  F.L.F. Fern Frusti, Librarian, RI  F.M.R.G. Francisca Goldsmith, AudioFile, ME  F.S.M. Flor Silva Meurinne, Audiophile, CA G.D. Geri Diorio, Librarian, CT  G.D.W. Gail D. Welborn, Writer, WA  G.H. Glenn Hopp, Educator, TX  G.M. Gina Monti, Librarian, CT  G.O. Gwen Osborne, Journalist, IL  G.P. GPat Patterson, Kent State University, OH G.S.D., G.S. Gretchen Schuldt, Writer, WI  G.T.B. Greg T. Beatty, University of Phoenix Online, WA H.C. Harper Chance, Librarian, ME H.L.S. Heather L. Savelle, Educator, MA  J.B.B. James Baxter, Writer, ONT J.A.H. Joseph A. Harris, M.D., Audiophile, CA* J.A.S. James A. Stewart, Writer, PA J.B. J Brooke, Writer, NY J.B.G. Judy B. Gummere, Lake Forest Public Library, IL  J.C.G. Jessie Grearson, Writer, ME  J.D.P. Julie Pringle, Fairfax County Library, VA  J.E.C. Jessica Coates, Book Blogger, VA  J.E.M. Joyce E. McCarty, Audiophile, VA  J.E.S. Joanne Simoneau, AudioFile, ME  J.F. Jen Forbus, Book Blogger, OH  J.F.M. Jeni Menendez, Audiophile, ME  J.G.K. Julie Kreft, Librarian, OK  J.J.B. Jenan Jones Benson, Writer, NC  J.J.M. Jodi Martin, Teacher, NC J.K.R. Jennifer Reed, Librarian, MA  J.L. Jonathan Lowe, Writer, AZ  J.L.C. Joseph Carlson, Educator, CA  J.L.K. Jen Karsbaek, Book Blogger, IL  J.M. Jessica Miller, New Britain Public Library, CT  J.M.D. Jennifer M. Dowell, AudioFile, ME  J.M.M. John M. Murray, Audiophile, CA J.N.B. Joseph Bastura, Musician, TX J.R.T. Julie Thompson, Librarian, WA  J.S.H. Joe Harrington, Writer, ME  J.M.S. Julie M. Scordato, Marysville Public Library, OH  J.O. Jaclyn Ochs, Teacher, OR J.P. Jocelyn Pollard, Theater Director, ME  J.P.M. Joseph Menta, Audiophile, PA  J.P.S. Jonathan Smith, Producer, ME J.S.K. Julie Kreft, Librarian, OK  J.T. Jessica Teel, Writer, AK  J.W. John Wurzelmann, Writer, NC  K.A.T. Karyl Thorn, Audiophile, CA  K.C. Kirsten Cappy, Bookseller, ME  K.D. Kris Duplantier, Audiophile, OK  K.D.W. Kendra Winchester, Writer, SC  K.M. Kirk McElhearn, Writer, FR  K.M.D. Karen Demers, Wilbraham Public Library, MA  K.M.P. Katie Polley, Librarian, MN  K.S.B. Kate Budries, Librarian, NC

K.T.B. Karen T. Bilton, Librarian, NJ  K.T.J. Kristi Jemtegaard, Librarian, VA  K.J.P. Kate Pullen, Writer, Spain  K.S. Kevin Maier, Red Cross, IN K.S.B. Kate Budries,Librarian, NC  K.S.M. Kate S. McDonald, Educator, CT  K.W. Kathryn Weiss, Audiophile, MN  L.B. Liam Brennan, Writer, MB  L.B.F. Leslie B. Fine, Educator, NY  L.C. Louise Collins, Producer, PA*  L.C.L. Louise LeClaire, Cheshire Public Library, CT  L.D.H. Lizette Hannegan, Librarian, VA  L.E. Lance Eaton, Writer, MA  L.H. Lizette Hannegan, Librarian, MD  L.J.C.A. Lisa Abrazo, Librarian, MN L.L. Laura Lintz, Librarian, NY  L.M. Liz Maloney, Contract Librarian, MD  L.M.A. Lee M. Arly, Audiophile, AK  L.M.G. Lisa Grimaldi, Dyer Library, ME  L.S. Laura Sackton, Gardener, MA  L.S.H. Lisa Harvey, Audiophile, FL L.T. Lisa Taylor, Librarian, FL  L.V.B. Lisa V. Blake, Audiophile, ME  L.W.S. Lorraine W. Shanley, Audiophile, NY  M.A.M. Melody A. Moxley, Rowan Public Library, NC M.B. Marc Bona, Editor, OH M.B.B. Molly Butler Bailey, Audiophile, ME M.B.K. Miriam B. Kahn, Librarian, OH M.C. Mike Comer, Audiophile, ME M.D. Maria Dietrich, Librarian, WI  M.D.H. Mary Dalton Howard, Educator, NJ  M.F. Maya Fleischmann, Writer, VA M.F.D. Mary Devine, Journalist, ME M.F.R. Marziah Rashid, Writer, UAE  M.F.T. Mary Thompson, Audiophile, OR  M.G. Mark Garvey, Editor, OH M.H.N. Mary H. Nino, Librarian, CA M.I.C. Jessica Michalowski, Audiophile, CA M.J. Michelle J. Ritholz, Audiophile, NY M.J.B. Michael Bandler, Writer, MD M.J.R. Michelle J. Robb, Educator, OH M.L.C. Michael Coulter, Educator, PA  M.L.R. Mark Rippy, Educator, AK M.L.S. Maria Langella-Sorgie, Author, NJ M.M.C. Marta M. Crisp, Writer, PA  M.M.G. Michelle Goggins, Audiophile, MT M.M.O. Melissa Orth, Curtis Memorial Library, ME M.O. Michael Ollove, Baltimore Sun, MD M.O.B. Mary O’Brien, Educator, ME M.P.P. Michele P. Penn, Audiophile, NJ M.R. Mohana Rajakumar, Qatar University, Qatar M.R.E. Martie Ramm Engle, Educator, CA M.R.P. Morgan Pershing, Librarian, CA M.R.R. Mindith Rahmat, Audiophile, CA M.S. Michael Sangiacomo, Plain Dealer, OH M.S.W. Merry White, Librarian, UT M.T. Matthew Tiffany, Writer, ME M.T.B. M. Tracy Brigden, Editor, NY M.T.F. Michael T. Fein, Retired Librarian, VA M.T.P Maria Palacio, Lee County Library System, FL M.M.W. Michelle Wood, Artist, CA N.E.M. Nancy E. McCarty, Educator, PA  N.J.B. Nicholas Beishline, Educator, PA  N.L. Nancy Lowe, Writer, SC<  N.M. Natalie Marshall, Librarian, GA N.M.C. Nancy M. Campbell, Audiophile, WA N.H. Niki Hawkes, Bookseller, UT P.B.J. Paul Janeczko, Poet, ME* P.E.F. Paul E. Ferrari, Educator, NY  P.G. Priscilla Grant, Writer, ME P.H.M. Pamela Misenheimer, Writer, NC P.P.C. Shanetia Clark, Professor, MD P.R. Phyllis Rogers, Educator, ME  P.W. Preston Wilson, Educator, NY R.A.H. Rebecca Honeycutt, Librarian, NC R.A.P. Rachel Astarte Piccione, Audiophile, NY R.B.T. Roger Tashjian, Bookseller, NJ R.C.G. Richard C. Gotshall, Retired Journalist, IN R.E.F. Ruth Ferguson, Audiophile, TX R.E.K. Robert E. Krug, Audiophile, ME R.F. Rebecca Feind, Librarian, CA R.F.W. Robin F. Whitten, AudioFile, ME  R.G.M. Robert Munro, Radio Reading Service, NC R.H.H. Ruth Heespelink, Librarian, MA  R.I.G. Robert I. Grundfest, Educator, NJ R.K.H. Rose Heithoff, Audiophile, ME R.L.L. Ruth L. Lind, Editor, ME R.M. Betsy Massar, Audiophile, CA R.O. Randy O’Brien, Educator, TN R.Q.D. Rachel Davis, Librarian, ME R.R. Rochelle Ratner, Writer, NY R.S.E. Rosemary Erb, Audiophile, ME R.T. Rena Tobey, Educator, CT  R.W.S. Richard W. Stim, Producer, CA  S.A.A. Sharon Allen, AudioFile, ME S.A.C. Sandie Angulo Chen, Journalist, MD S.A.H. Sarah Hashimoto, Librarian, MI  S.B. Stephanie Baker, Audiophile, MA  S.B.S. Susan Stavropoulos, Librarian, ME  S.B.T. Sarah Bean Thompson, Springfield-Greene County Library, MO  S.C. Sonja Cole, Audiophile, NJ  S.C.A. Susan C. Awe, Librarian, NM* S.D. Susan Dunman, Librarian, KY S.D.B. Stephanie Bange, Librarian, OH S.D.D. Scott D. Danielson, Audiophile, ID S.E.G. Sara E. Grimm, Librarian, IL S.E.H. Stephen Hirshon, Audiophile, ME S.E.S. Steven E. Steinbock, Writer, ME S.G. Sharon Grover, Hedberg Public Library, WI S.G.B. Susan G. Baird, Librarian, IL S.H. Shelley Holley, Librarian, CT S.J.H. S.J. Henschel, Editor, NY S.J.S. Sarah Schmitt, Librarian, IN S.K. Sheldon Kaye, Librarian, FL S.K.G. Shanyn Gamble, Audiophile, WA S.K.P. Susan Peterson, Educator, NH S.M. Sheri Melnick, Writer, PA S.M.H. Stephanie Heinz, Bookseller, ME S.M.M. Steve M. MacDonald, Writer, MA S.M.W. Sorah Wismer, Audiophile, ME S.N. Sarah Neilson, Writer, WA S.P. Shira Pilarski S.P.C. Stephen Cummings, Audiophile, IA S.S. Shayna Szabo, Librarian, CA S.S.R. Susan S. Rosenzweig, Educator, RI S.T.C. Sunny Carito, Librarian, VA  S.W. Susie Wilde, Writer, NC T.B. Toni Buzzeo, Librarian, ME T.D. Terry Delaney, Editor, MO T.E.C. Traci Currie, Artist, DE T.F. Thomas Fine, Editor, NY T.H. Ted Hipple, Educator, TN T.J.M. Thomas J. Miller, Audiophile, OR T.J.W. Tom Walukonis, Writer, NJ T.M.D. Teresa DiGenova, Audiophile, MD T.W. Thomas Walken, Writer, NC

V.B. Victoria Biggs, Editor, TX V.C., V.T. Veronica Thames, Writer, TN V.M.G. Victoria Mejia-Gewe, Audiophile, CA V.S. Vicky Smith, Portland Public Library, ME V.T.M. Van McGary, Librarian, IL W.A.G. William A. Giwertz, Educator, CA W.L.S. Wende L. Sairio, Librarian, ME W.M. William Mingin, Writer, NJ W.V.S. Wendy VanScheetz, Columbus Metropolitan Library, OH Y.R. Yuri Rasovsky, Producer, CA*

Z.S. Zander Sharp, Audiophile, UK


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