Talking with George Guidall

This Golden Voice narrator has recorded more than 1,700 audiobooks

Podcast Interview with George Guidall

Join host Jo Reed as she speaks with one of the greats in the world of audiobooks, George Guidall. Hear what drew him to the world of audiobooks, highlights from his impressive career, and what he’s loved about narrating the series that listeners adore. George and I met near the very beginning of AudioFile in the 1990s. We honored George as one of the very first Golden Voices, and he has won multiple accolades including many AudioFile Earphones Awards, Audie Awards, and the Audio Publishers Association Special Achievement award.

Don’t wait! Listen to our interview with George on our podcast, Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine.

“A painter uses colors and a palette to draw a certain scene. A narrator does the same thing, only his brush is his voice, and his palette is his emotional palette.”—Narrator George Guidall

American Gods
Don Quixote
Land Of Wolves

George has narrated more than 1,700 audiobooks over his long career. Some of George’s personal favorites include Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS, classic works like DON QUIXOTE, and long-running series like the Walt Longmire series by Craig Johnson and the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva including the newest installment, THE NEW GIRL. Those mystery series are on my personal favorites list as well.

George is so articulate about the narrator-listener connection and the emotional bond we have with the best storytellers. This bonus episode of AudioFile’s podcast is one to savor.

Photo by Jo Anna Perrin. 

Robin Whitten
Robin is the Founder & Editor of AudioFile Magazine. The AudioFile Blog is her newest project to offer new voices and recommendations for audiobooks.

4 Replies to “Talking with George Guidall”

  1. I was just thinking yesterday that starting a series with George Guidall and having it change to a different narrator is like going from a Mercedes to a Yugo. SOOOOOOOO very disappointing.

  2. He is by far, my favorite narrator. He can make a book. If I am looking for a book to “read”, I search on George Guidall. I have thought about it and with an audiobook, the narrator is at least half of the enjoyment in the book. He can put so much more feeling into a line than just reading it. I can “read” a book and it is just a reading. George puts feeling into it.

  3. Enjoyed the conversation with George Guidall; my first experience with George was listening to John Irvings “Widow for One Year.” I couldn’t get into the book reading the print; but George Guidall make the book come alive; and it is now one of my favorite Recorded Books. I listen to it at least once a year. I will listen to anything recorded by this marvelous narrator,.

  4. Loved loved loved the interview. You talked about a book that you read on the page but couldn’t imagine listening to. Could you tell me the name of the book, please.

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